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Scottish government supports Auschwitz trips for teenagers

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Reader comments

  1. I hope if they do this, they will educate the children first. I went to Auschwitz in June, and most childrens behaviour there was very inappropriate. Wandering around eating crisps. Posing for smiley photos under the entrance gates as if they were in Disneyland, and tripping over in the gas chanmber in eagerness to take a photo of the interior with their phones. There were “no photography” signs for all the interiors. It was obvious that most of them had no idea where they were. Not their fault, but very worrying that the meaning of the place is already being lost. Their parents and schoolteachers should be more responsible.

  2. One could be very distasteful and say “yeah, whatever”.

    I do not, under any circumstances condone the holocaust, or the people that perpetrated it, however, I think it is about time all this was put aside, and the Jews as a nation got over their personal persecution complex. Millions died in two world wars on both sides. It was a terrible reckoning that nobody wishes to repeat, and that we hope future generations will come to understand was a road nobody should have to tread again.

    However, much that I know many will protest, it is old news, and it is about time we put aside all that and try to improve our futures, rather then dwell on the past.

    Please, let’s just drop the 20th century, and concentrate on the 21st.

  3. Setting up an industrial complex to process living human beings is so “yesterday”?
    And this is why we need to remember it.

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