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Russian Orthodox ‘vigilante groups’ worry gay rights activists

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Reader comments

  1. Simon Murphy 26 Nov 2008, 4:16pm

    People constantly worry about islamic extremism. However stories like this one and 6the story of the French policitian and the story of Iris Robinson are tales which prove that gay people have just as much reason to fear christian extremism. Stories like this show how poisonous and worthless and undemocratic and obscene religion is. Stories like these show how people like Gene Robinson are doing no good by trying to get accepted by these facist organisations.

  2. Yes, sadly, the ‘Long Weekend’ of Liberal Christianity, when essentially decent, tolerant, humane (if not wholly honest) clergy were in the ascendant in Europe & the US, appears to be over now.

    As Robert Oden admitted a while back now, liberal clergy & scholars were blindsided by the resurgence of fundamentalistic forms of religion in the 70’s & 80’s — they just didn’t see it coming.

    Joachim Kahl, writing in ’68, with more historical perspective on the subject, did:

    “[Christians] ought to ask themselves more radically than they have in the past why it is that the overwhelming majority of Christians have always allied themselves, with every possible form of nationalism, anti-semitism, fascism and anti-communism. This has not happened by chance. There is a logical process at work here from which not even [progressive theologians] have been able to escape.”

  3. i hope that now is obvious to all that putin is a modern day hitler.
    here in serbia situation is the same,so don’t believe when you hear on media that boris tadic is some western kind of politician.
    serbia is a real province of russia in economic and autorative way.
    here we also have “nasi” who beat people who don’t want to be slave of state.
    clerofascistic groups are bigger and bigger,i don’t now the names of all of them,every day there is someone new,obraz,1389,dveri,nasi…. there is so much of them.and they are all in institutions ,especially in the army and schools.they have direct support of serbian ortodox church,and there is 98% of people who say they are ortodox.there are so much violence every day,more and more.
    militaristation of state and society is bigger and bigger.
    antiminority slogans are everywhere.
    boris tadic always present to people that putin’s russia is something good.
    sometime i was thinking that eu will solve that problems,but now i don’t think so.when i just see poland…..

  4. How do you say “Heil Hitler” in russian? We better learn it fast.

  5. Should be a good night at the Eurovision crap contest then.

  6. The Christian “Right” intends to roll back anything which does not agree with their interpretation of the “bible”, so don’t ever take the progress by LGTB people for granted. The tide could easily be turned and they intend turning it.

  7. Simon Murphy 27 Nov 2008, 8:49am

    Religion is in direct opposition to democracy and human rights and we need to be very careful to highlight and condemn its cancerous influence on democracy when it arises. I think the Eurovision next year is a good opportunity for countries like the UK to highlight how homophobic Russia is.

  8. Not a good story but should we be so pessimistic? Homosexuality in Russia was only decriminalised in 1993 – can we expect public opinion to change from demonisation to acceptance in only 15 years? Lots of good things have happened and are happening but it will take time in this country. The Church – as ever – will be at the back rather than leading from the front. But then nothing ever changes.

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