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Obama adviser on gays in the military criticised for sexist attitudes

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Reader comments

  1. Obama is nuts if he keeps this guy. It doesn’t make any sense. Hey, where’s the change you promised your idealistic little followers?

  2. Robert, ex-pat Brit 26 Nov 2008, 4:08pm

    Cindy, exactly. He’d better watch out or else if he continues down this path. If he’s thinking of re-election in 2012, he won’t be able to take our vote for granted any more. The sooner we all let him know that the better along with everybody else in the Democratic party. Now is the time to make it known, not during an election year after Prop. H8 succeeded, among other things.

  3. Obama’s position on gays in the military is confusing. While he’s said he doesn’t like Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell, he’s also said that he won’t repeal it because it should be driven by decisions made by the military itself rather than by the President. Which is a bit of an opt-out in terms of decision-making when you examine it. It’s pretty indicative of most of Obama’s pronouncement on gays and lesbians. He says he’s for or against something that would indicate he’s all for equality, but when pushed, he doesn’t seem to want to do anything about it. Given the likelihood of the Republicans having a viable candidate for 2012 is slight, so the chances are that Obama will do nothing to improve the equality of the LGBT population because he won’t need gay votes. Besides which, if he does actually do anything to increase equality, he’ll alienate a substantial proportion of the new voters for his election, many of whom don’t appear to be sympathetic to gay causes. The chances are that Obama will make polite comments, but do nothing unless the US’s gay population starts making some noise.

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