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Art exhibition explores homophobia in football

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Reader comments

  1. He’s a braver man than myself if he is out and proud on the football field or terrace. Homophobia is almost a given. The culture reminds me of my gay friend’s dad’s Working Men’s club which we used to go to as a dare to play pool.
    Several weeks running we used to dare each other to go to the bar and order a Campari and soda then drink it in full view with pinky finger extended to see what they’d do. We never carried through with it, because the bar was just too far away from the exit! Can’t say it was the kind of club gay people could relax in.

  2. All those men, all that sweat and body contact, crowd testosterone, after game showers, gym work-outs, cute strips and they say Gay Men don’t play or like football. Bollocks! If every gay men in the crowds and on the pitchs were to “turn pink” for 15 minuntes, there would be some shocks.

  3. J Geetas – you have a point there. My edited highlights of ‘Match of the Day’ would be the bit where they tear their shirts off, the bit where they hug and kiss each other on pitch at the end and the bit in the jacussi after the game. Oh and there was a score involved somewhere, but who cares? Now that’s how to involve gay people in football…

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