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Police continue inquiries into MP who thinks gays can be cured

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Reader comments

  1. it kind of makes a mockery of all the criticism we throw out at the likes of sarah palin/the pope/ the previous polish president etc when a woman like this and her husband hold such important political positions in part of the UK, even if it is a semi-autonomous part. Goes without saying that to make similar remarks about ethnic/religious groups in any part of the UK would lead to immediate dismissal

  2. Tony Grew would do better to highlight that the police have infact done nothing to date regarding the 60 or so complaints re the first matter or 6-8 written complaints re the second. They have conflicting legal advice and cannot make up their mind what to do…they are tip toe-ing around this one becaus of who is involved and the consequences. I and many in the Lgbt community in NI are loosing any confidence in the local police to demonstrate their impartiality and defend our equality under the law. Change the word homosexual for black and they would have had this matter to court months agao.

  3. They need to stop tip toe-ing about and get stuck in. If it were you or I that had been complained about for saying the same things there would be no tip toe-ing about. We would be investigated straight away. Reminds you of “Bomber” Blaire and “cash for honours”. They farted about there for months, when Mr. Average Joe would have not got that level of consideration. “All equal under the law” or we are supposed to be?

  4. Robert, ex-pat Brit 25 Nov 2008, 4:09pm

    100 complaints lodged againt this witch is quite revealing. Imagine the impact if 10,000 had formally complained. Or do we really care enough to make the point that hate speech will not be tolerated?

  5. Simon Murphy 25 Nov 2008, 4:22pm

    Make your voice heard and start demanding to know why 5 months after her vile outbursts nothing has been done. The PSNI are obviously not too bothered by incitement to hatred against gay people. Therefore they need to know that if they refuse to interview Robinson they are sending a clear message that the safety of LGBT people is irrelevant to them. Send them a mail asking why they have done nothing. They can be contacted as follows: on behalf of

  6. thanks Simon, i’ll email. It is completely unacceptable..

  7. I suspect the fact that nothing has been done may be due to the intimidating barrier of a wall you hit when complaining to the relevant section within the Northern Ireland Assembly. The response I got from them to an email I’d sent was along the lines of (paraphrased) ‘if you want to take this further fill out all the pages on suggested link and oh yeah, we also have to pass your details to Iris Robibnson’s office. Need I say any more.

  8. Just so you know…..some of us have arranged meetings with police officers at the highest level within the police service in NI to ask direct questions…. and the answers will be made public!

  9. Can’t this vile woman be privately prosecuted? Why involve the police to “prove” she said what she said, and that what she said was both intolerable and ILLEGAL?

  10. I agree. Surely a private prosecution would force the issue, would it not?

  11. Is this the slowest …. or most timid …. police inquiry in history????

  12. This woman is completely clueless and not worthy of rehabilitation. Send her out to pasture. She is a waste of time and space.

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