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Interview: Bishop Gene Robinson on prophets, Prop 8 and progress

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  1. Simon Murphy 25 Nov 2008, 4:16pm

    He seems reasonable enough for a christian. I think it would be huge mistake to turn Robinson into some type of hero for gay people. Irrespective of the fact that he supports gay equality, he also bases his life around belief in a work of fiction written thousands of years ago. Despite Robinson’s words, I don’t think religion has any worthwhile role to play in modern society. Throughout history belief in ‘god’ and religion has left millions dead through war, crusades, genocides, inquisitions, conflict. I would prefer if religion had no role whatever to play in the modern world.

  2. Absolutely, Simon Murphy. Frankly, Richard Dawkins is more of a gay hero, albeit an honorary one. Gene Robinson, for all his niceness, says it’s alright to believe without evidence, which is the source of prejudice, bigotry in the first place.

    And on the subject of prophets – Mr Robinson should really remember what the Israelites actually did when they got to Caanan: namely destroy and oppress everyone who did not believe the same way as they did. So to put Martin Luther King (who relied heavily on support of the help of communists and trades unionists, not only the churches – that fact is conveniently forgotten by REV jesse jackson and REV al sharpton and others..) in the same box as the supposed “Moses” in Exodus is possibly a big insult to the memory of a fighter for the rights of man, as opposed to god.

  3. The man’s an anachronism. He shoild leave the Church

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