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Burundi MPs vote to criminalise same-sex acts ahead of UN appeal

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Reader comments

  1. i know there is the whole argument about engaging with homophobic countries in-order to achieve change, but when a country like this, actually introduces new legislation to outlaw same sex relationships, it’s time to cut off all aid, and close embassies…..And please can we bury the idea that homophobia only exists in developing countries because the former colonial powers introduced it. Funny how all those former colonial powers like britain/france/spain/holland/belgium have some of the most progressives pro-gay legislation in the world….

  2. It is way past time that the LGB press clued up to the effects of US evangelical groups in countries like Burundi, where, basically with funds, equipment and workers from the USA, thanks to very helpful tax rules, they operate extensively, including owning media companies. The US-funded but English-based Trans World Radio, an anti-gay and “Rapture” (ie judgenent day) promoting organisation, has its own, evangelical-only radio station in the country, for example.

  3. john wilfred sharp 26 Nov 2008, 4:02am

    i was in burundi in 1989 and history told there was traditional homosexuality there . even by the kings .
    africa say it is not gay but .like every where we are 10%
    we should stop all aid to those counties and have minimal diplomatic relations with them. religious groups again for sure .
    religions fill a few stomachs and feeds hate .
    we are gay and here to stay you can eradicate us today the next generation will be gay .should we eradicate a religion it shall not come back . what is natural ?

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