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Homophobic church advert criticised by advertising standards body

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Reader comments

  1. Simon Murphy 24 Nov 2008, 1:33pm

    The Police Service in Northern Ireland has done nothing to investigate the hundreds of police complaints about Iris Robinson. Thry obviously don’t take the opinions of the gay community seriously despite the rampant homophobia of many of the population and politicians. Write to them to ask them why : on behalf of

  2. It reportedly said the advert must not appear again and in future “particular care should be taken to avoid causing offence on the grounds of sexual orientation.”

    That will be a bit tricky for Sandown Presbytarian Church seeing as the entire point of said advert seems to be to cause us offence. Anyhow, doesn’t the ASA issue fines for breaching said code or is it simply a case of “if you do that again you’ll leave us no choice but to ask you politely not to do it again?”
    What about real sanctions?

  3. Two points..SinnFein supports gay rights in Northern Ireland – hence the bile from the Protestant Extremists as exemplified by the DUP.Anything that Sinn Fein does is excoriated by the Sicko Protestants in NI.

    The PSNI is not much different to the RUC and is still Protestant extremist flavoured.It will do nothing efective against the DUP and the Paisleyites.

    Northern Ireland is a bigot shithole that has cost the English Taxpayer billions upon billions of pounds since 1968 – this God-forsaken land will never change and the politicians from the DUP and UU know how to tickle up trouble to get more money from Whitehall at any crucial moment.

    Prediction : there will be a jamboree of public sector job creation in Ulster to shield it from the Credit Crunch and unemployment.Remember anyway that 80% of the working population works for government already – there is no manufacturing or indeed any other economy left there now.Northern Ireland is totally parasitic on the United Kingdom – it takes hugely and gives nothing other than the threat of bombs in British Cities planted by the Loyalists and the IRA.

  4. Why is the church obsessed with anal sex and gay people?

    Doesn’t everyone have an anus, and don’t straight people sometimes indulge in putting things up there, whether male or female, whatever religious background, whatever ethnicity??? lol …. we are HUMAN!

    I personally don’t enjoy anal and the knee-jerk focus on sodomy by the church strikes me as 19th century scaremongering tat, rather than a modern, tolerant viewpoint and inclusivity.

    This is just plain homophobia and as a Psychologist I think that those who oppose gay people, or more importantly gay pride, on the grounds of sodomy probably have deeper issues.

  5. Can anyone provide the link to the origional BBC story reported here?

  6. Gene Touchet 24 Nov 2008, 4:59pm

    “Human Sexuality,” Kosnik, et al, 1977, is a Catholic theological society’s rebuttal for many of the alleged Biblical proscriptions against what we call homosexuality. The book, of course, was banned by the Catholic Church and its authors silenced. It remains an effective argument against fundamentalists’ interpretation.
    Get the book and educate them.

  7. stereotype 24 Nov 2008, 7:27pm

    gendy – if you had any idea about your own country’s history you would know that it was the English who turned Northern Ireland into a ‘bigot shithole’, I speak coming from no political or religious affiliation, just a gay person who had to grown up in that shithole and had the decency to take the time to find out the truth about how it became that way, perhaps you should do the same, especially if you haven’t experienced it for yourself. Your facts are so wildly inaccurate that it’s almost impossible to take you seriously, the only reason i do so is because, like the bigots you dispise so much, you behave just like one, spitting forth venom about something which you obviously know nothing about.

  8. I am amazed to read that comment from GENDY, who displays precisely the same kind of bigotry he is attributing to an entire population. For your information, gendy, Sinn Fein has been extremely slow to respond in public policy to the gay community in Northern Ireland. They still argue about whether Sir Roger Casement was gay, when every historian in the world has acknowledged this fact. Bigotry is not limited to one religious community. In fact, as a Catholic gay person in Northern Ireland I can tell you that the gay community here brings together protestants and catholics in a common sense of identity. If the protestant church produces the Free Presbyterian homophobia, my own church has produced centuries of catholic homophobia.

    Your comment includes so many errors of fact that it is difficult to know how to respond to it. I am just disappointed when I see such an appallingly sectarian and bigotted comment coming from a gay person. Surely, since we as gay people have been on the receiving end of so much bigotry, we should be more sensitive to these issues than others.

    80 per cent of the NI population does not work for the government, by the way. It is building new economic relationships with the Republic, GB, and the rest of Europe. We have an extremely well educated workforce, which is proving very attractive to investers in the knowledge economy. In fact, we have the highest educational results in the UK.

  9. john wilfred sharp 25 Nov 2008, 4:59am

    educate them
    but they say the are educated
    so it is willfully planed hate
    so they need to be put away , for inciting to hate

  10. George Broadhead, Secretary Pink Triangle Trust 25 Nov 2008, 8:22am

    In sharp contrast to the homophobia of most religionists, Humanists give unequivocal support to LGBT rights. The Humanist Association of Northern Ireland has demonstrated this by taking part in Belfast Pride.

  11. What to do about the peoples of Northern Ireland! They have so much irrationality and hatred “in their veins”. To be more scientific about it, their minds have lived with extraordinary irrationality for centuries. It is going to be a very very long time yet before their minds begin to operate in a calm and rational manner. In fact, it will take generations before this is achieved. The important thing is that at least the path to freedom from bigotry has begun, for both Catholics and Protestants alike.

  12. Lets face it, wot a suprise that this comes out of Northern Ireland! And wot a suprise its Paisley’s lot yet again! How fortunate not to be born Gay in N. Ireland (almost as bad as being born Gay in Iran!) but the Cardinal whosoever was also spouting off a week or so ago so as Shakespear put it, a Plague on both your houses!|)

  13. nothing like tarring a whole population with the reputation and actions of a bigoted minority – i wonder how the english would feel if we judged them all on what the BNP get up to?

  14. Hi “Stereotype”. Look, I’ve had a lot of contact with people in Northern Ireland, and while being IN Northern Ireland as well, and I know that the personality of the people who live there, whether Catholic or Protestant, is unique. There is a disposition to raw emotion, born of the long history of troubles. This character trait has to die out, and reasonableness and civility has to slowly take its place.

  15. If we are so parasitic why does England want us? They invaded, fought a war to keep us and now they have half of what they wished for (or at lease 6 counties. You can’t invade a country and then complain that it costs you money! when clearly you owe the people of the country you invaded something.

  16. Gibe it back to the Republic… NI voted the DUP into power as their main party of government, for crying out loud! Its the equivilent of putting the BNP into Westminster!

    Although having visited Dublin and the Republic many times, and witnessed the their attitudes compared to those in Belfast, I’d say the Republic doesn’t want them… they at least have managed to move on from the past.

  17. There’s a lot of stereotyping of Northern Irish people here, much of it unfounded.

    As an actual Irishman, I can confidently say many of the stereotypes are simply not true. A few bad stories on the BBC and in the Sun doesn’t not always paint a complete picture of any race/country. Not all NI people are bigoted, as not all of them “hate the English”, or are “angry”, no more then they are all “terrorists”. You’ll see as much, or as little, bigotry against gay people in West Kerry and North Yorkshire as you will in South Tyrone.

    Perhaps we can try to converse in facts rather than generalist impressions of 1.7m people… lets leave the extremism to right wing nuts like Billy Perdue and his ex-pat puppy.

  18. I’ve been reading these comments with amazement that gays are turning on an entire population. The comments here about the population of NI are nothing less than racist. Let’s get the facts right guys: England has its fair share of homophobes and the English press regularly covers stories about fundamentalist christian groups engaged in homophobic campaigns. Even today there’s a Pink News story about an English policeman who’s just been sacked for homophobic emails and there’s a running story about an English registrar who refuses to conduct civil partnerships. You also have an english Archbishop who refused to make a gay priest bishop of Reading. In Northern Ireland, we have a very small fundamentalist church in this story (just 12,000 members of that church) which has run a homophobic ad. We haven’t had a registrar challenge the civil partnership rules, nor a policeman chucked out for homophobia. We have a pro-gay chief constable, and we hosted the UK’s first same-sex civil partnership ceremony. For that matter, we also gave you Oscar Wilde (a former pupil of Portora Royal School in Northern Ireland). It was also progressive Ulster MP called H. Montgomery Hyde who campaigned successfully for the decriminalisation of homosexuality in Britain back in the late 50s/early 60s. Please stop this anti-Northern Irish rant. It’s no more acceptable than an anti-gay rant.

  19. NIGay, totally agree….

    …just one thing though, Oscar Wilde was from Dublin. Can’t let you have the credit for him, I’m afraid!


  20. Will – true, Wilde was born in Dublin. We educated him in Enniskillen though, and he’s better known for his learning than his nativity ;-)

  21. Touche, NIGay! We’ll agree to share him under the title of “Oscar Wilde, from Ireland”


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