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Boy George chained male prostitute to wall, court told

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Reader comments

  1. Dermot Carter 24 Nov 2008, 4:59pm

    It’s all about the dinero.

  2. Maybe those Boy George lyrics “do you really want to hurt me, do you really want to make me cry” went to his head….

  3. Fame brings loneliness. You can’t be seen to be out meeting people in the usual places. You have to go trawling for them anonymously, either in parks or on websites. That’s why these gay pop-stars end up in difficult situations with low-life and undercover cops! Fame has a terrible price. Think about it, all you young gay wannabe celebrities!

  4. @eddy
    a working boy isn’t a low life, he’s doing a job for cash.

    And BG is a has-been celeb, with just enough notoriety to make him intersting to the redtops.

  5. Cos this kind of behaviour all gays got bad reputation.

  6. Hey the dude got free coke/Co*k cash and a cuppa tea i bet and he gets even more $$$$ for his story . Who knows maybe he chained himself up so loose for more drama to the story I mean if the Boy was giving it to him why was his pantaloons on !

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