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Video: Turkey slaughter backdrop for Sarah Palin’s bizarre interview

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Reader comments

  1. Jus’ keep talkin’ honey, so the slaughterer has some frame of reference and doesn’t cut your throat…. by mistake of course!

  2. So that’s two scrawny-necked birds which should get stuffed this Thanksgiving.

  3. Bonkers bitch!

  4. What a horrible scene in the background, she really is as hard as nails…hideous woman.

  5. All I could see was turkeys being killed while another turkey was being interviewed… Although I suspect it was a ventriloquist trick, I suspect a real turkey could say something more intelligent.

  6. Gene Touchet 24 Nov 2008, 5:04pm

    Perhaps we’ve gotten too far from the days when my mother wrung necks of chickens, or the time when she held the knife which slaughtered a pig.
    Animals in the human food chain (rightly or wrongly)die. We eat.
    Palin is governor of Alaska–fewer than 800,000 people.
    Be kind to the unfortunate.
    (But that doesn’t mean she deserves a vote.)

  7. This ‘bird’ really needs to be taken out – and used like the rats are for experimentation; who knows? maybe she’ll come in handy for finding the cure for cancer (non-humane experimentation recommended).

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