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Boyzone’s “deadly message” of gay equality upsets Presbyterian minister

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Reader comments

  1. PCG from Portugal 21 Nov 2008, 5:54pm

    The video is great. This man needs to learn how to live in communion, himself a minority should also respect other minorities, he is probably Iris Robinson´s Friend. Anyway, neither is there a cure for gays, nor for insane people like this man.

  2. Funny how a member of a Northern Ireland Church gets to tell the gay community that what we put out there has deadly consequences. I’m guessing he’s forgotten the role of religion in sectarian violence in the province over the last few decades.
    But hey, gayness must be more deadly than an assault weapon, because a Reverend said so.

  3. john sexton 21 Nov 2008, 6:18pm

    Bravo Boyzone I will certainly be buying your CDs from now on. Anything that get up the noses of those Homophobic idiots gets my support

  4. Gil Grissom 21 Nov 2008, 6:29pm

    But that is Northern Ireland all over, sad sad sad, utterly pathetic in the eyes of the world, the Presbyterian church conveniently ‘forgets’ the murder and terror caused by both sides over the years, and instead starts on gays – mind you they still have a real problem with female ministers – seriously, come to northern Ireland, please set your watches back 50 years. Sad pathetic idiots. I agree with Desmond Tutu, this obsession with peoples intimate, PRIVATE, love life is pathetic, their hatred makes God weep. Great words from a truely great man.

  5. Quite so Gill.

    In 1972, the year that sectarian killing reached record levels in Northern Ireland, the Reverend Ian Paisley described homosexuality as the greatest threat to society in the province.


    As for his fellow nutter commenting on this video, am I the only one who findss some of the language used as homoerotic?

    “The romantic words and touching melody are accompanied by a video that features two young men staring into one another’s eyes, holding hands, caressing one another’s faces and at one point one man nuzzling his nose against the other man’s cheek.

    As is so often the case, Reverend David McCullough might be inadvertently telling us more than he intended about his own desires.

  6. I find it interesting to read articles like this from lands other than my own (I’m from Canada), I’m curious, most of the impressions I get of Ireland and the people there is that overall, its a very friendly place, folks seem to be polite and mostly mindful of their own business. Ive sometimes wondered, if I were to travel abroad to Ireland, would I find myself persecuted by members of the average public for my homosexuality, or would most of them simply not care provided I was willing to share a drink with them and have a laugh?

  7. I find it very interesting to read articles like this, as an outsider looking in. (I am Canadian) I have a question however. Ireland has always been a land Ive wished to visit. It’s partially an ancestral home, and Ive always thought it geographically beautiful. As a homosexual, if I were to travel there as a tourist, do you folks feel that I would experience persecution from the general public for walking around with another male as an obvious Mate, or would most not care provided we were willing to share a drink and have a few laughs? I’m honestly curious about this, because I do wish to travel, and there are some countries I’d love to visit, but never would for fear of my own safety (Jamaica is a prime example of this), what do you all think?

  8. Stupid man. He should check the bit in the bible about he who is without sin …. After centuries of religious based persecution, bigotry and violence he should turn his attention to preaching a real Christian message. I am just pleased that my Ulster ancestors headed for the colonies. Saved me from a fate worse than death.

  9. Stupid man. He should remember the bibilical message… he who is without sin…. After centuries of church sanctioned persecution, discrimination and violence he has the gall to call homosexual love “deadly”. I am just glad my Ulster ancestors headed for the colonies, it saved me from a fate worse than death.

  10. Gabarus I moved to Northern Ireland from California. You might be surprised…where I came from I was more often treated badly for my sexuality. In fact I spent ten years being harassed and abused for it. Here not a single person has cared that I married another woman. They’re completely cool with it. They treat me as they would any other person, straight or gay. Sure, there are still nuts here, but I haven’t encountered the rampant idiotic evangelicals that I encountered back in the US. Also, 84% of Ireland want equal rights for gay and lesbian couples. Take one look at proposition 8 in California, and you see the difference.

  11. I find it fascinating that the Reverend is worried about the effect the video will have on today’s youth…is he assuming that young men will now just go around intimately with other men? The only message it will give is that those who do have feelings for people of the same sex shouldn’t surpress their feelings because of some homophobic cretins in the Church. And I speak as a Christian!

  12. Yeah, Ive been following Prop 8 news closely, was very saddened to see it pass with such a slim majority. I always suspected that would be the case with Ireland though, as devout as most of your population tends to be, be it catholic or protestant, with the exception of the extremists (IRA for example), they don’t really subscribe to the whole “Believe what I believe, or else” mentality that many Americans seem to.

    It seems strange, because it was exactly that sort of religious persecution that made the first white Americans leave Europe in the first place, now they seem to be the least religiously tolerant of most societies out there. Many claim that they think its wonderful that anyone can believe anything they want, but they don’t seem to truly believe that, because they will often look at any other belief system outside of the Christian pantheon as somehow inferior. It makes me very glad to be Canadian, let me tell you. Because I find that here, I’m exceptionally free. I’m obviously gay, and my religion is rather unorthodox (Therianthropic Animal Spirituality), and I can honestly say, Ive *never* been persecuted for who I am. Makes you wonder what we did so differently just a few miles North of Jesusland. Heh

  13. Miz Furball 22 Nov 2008, 2:36am

    Hi, folks. I’m here in Oregon, U.S.A. (and I voted for Obama). Got to this web site through a long line of links that, I think, started at CNN. I’m not gay but I watched the video and think it’s very well done. The song was excellent and the black-and-white images fit perfectly. I think the reverend is a nut case who wants to insure that everyone live life HIS way.

  14. Don’t judge everyone by the ridiculous antics of an individual. This man speaks only for himself and a very small minority. I live in Northern Ireland and have never had a single experience that could be categorised as homophobic.
    In fact a very nice charming gentleman who is a born-again Christian APOLOGISED to me for what Iris Robinson and her like have said about Gays. There’s an infinite universe of difference between those who actually live their religion and those who just use it as a weapon to beat people they don’t like, between those who truly believe in love and those who only know how to peddle hate.

  15. I’m not sure I really care what this minister of religion has to say. The article describs him as ‘obscure’ in any case. You’re never going to change the opinions of everyone. I’m content that this man has no political power and practically no influence on his local community and so we should focus on the bigger issues.

  16. I’m starting to think that Christianity is getting a bit too divided between people who worship in an intelligent respectful manner and those who want the olden days of stoning people classed as ‘abominations’ and making blood sacrifices to appease ‘Him’ (If you’ve seen the film The Mist you’ll know where that leads.)

    It may sound stupid, but it wouldn’t surprise me if all these fundamentalists (and I stress the ‘-mentalists’ element) eventually follow in their ancestors footsteps and swan off to their own island and keep everyone else out. Who knows, maybe they’d let us help in building a big, big wall around it too! :P

  17. Daft as it sounds I’d truely like all these evangelists and fundamentalists to sail off to some remote little island and ignore the rest of this ‘sin’ filled world. It’d make everyone happy! They’d think everyone would burn in eternal flames and we wouldn’t have to watch our back to see if they were creeping up behind us with a can of parafinn to speed up the process. We could even help them by building a large fortified wall around it to keep us evil mincing abominations out! :)

  18. I think Michael has a very valid point – according to their own website, “Between 60-70 presently attend the services for worship both morning and evening.” – ‘obscure’ may even be exaggerating his importance!

  19. Simon Murphy 24 Nov 2008, 5:55pm

    This minister’s email address is

    Why not drop the stupid bigot a line

  20. The music video has upset me as well. Why was I not chosen to be Stephen Gately’s love interest? he he

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