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US braces itself for Day Without A Gay protest against marriage discrimination

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Reader comments

  1. Simon Murphy 20 Nov 2008, 2:33pm

    I think that if the Supreme Court in California allows the gay marriage ban to remain in California there will be riots. It’s so disgusting that for the 1st time in US history a right may be taken away from a group.

  2. I think I like the idea of ‘calling in gay’ as a means of protest as it highlights the contributions we make to the running of society. If the black community had a civil right taken away from them and used the same idea as a means of protest people would take action well before just to stop the loss of a such a massive part of the workforce.

  3. I think it’s a great idea as long as the gay in question doesn’t get sacked of course. If only all countries could try this as a social experiment it would be fascinating to see how much gay people contribute to society …… it would make a great mocumentry (think my spelling is off there). Any filmakers out there?!

  4. As Simon Murphy wrote “It’s so disgusting that for the 1st time in US history a right may be taken away from a group.”
    And ‘the group’ does not derive any benefit whatsoever from the result of its actions, unless you count exercising hate and getting a kick out of promoting discrimination as ‘benefits’! At least when slavery denied civil rights to African-Americans it could be argued that there was an economic benefit for the slave-owners [that’s not an excuse for slavery] but in this case the various churches and their allies derive no benefit whatsoever.

  5. Clarification – 2nd paragraph – ‘the group’ means those who proposed and supported Prop 8. Sorry for the confusion

  6. Am I right in thinking this idea derives from the greetings card I keep seeing of a gay man who’s trying to justify pulling a sickie asking himself the question “If gayness is a disease, can I call in queer?” I’ve always wanted to send that to various fundie churches. Trouble is the joke would probably be lost on them.

  7. It would be great if LGBT people around the word all took this stance and did this. remember in some countries like here in the UK you cannot sack someone for being Gay. The World needs to stand united on this as other countries will look at what happens in California and use this as a benchmark.

  8. This would be a disaster on the scale of “Day after Tomorrow.”
    The hairdressing and interior design businesses would grind to a halt, and virtually every airline would be grounded due to lack of cabin staff.

    “Oh no! I can’t find ANYWHERE open that sells cut flowers!”
    Oh PURLEEZE! Like people would even notice.

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