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Dutch men responsible for homophobic attacks police figures reveal

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Reader comments

  1. Bill Perdue 21 Nov 2008, 5:35am

    This should put an end to the claims by peleoconservatives like the Tories, Le Pens National Front, the DUP and BNP that muslim youth are to blame.

    But it won’t.

  2. Simon Murphy 21 Nov 2008, 9:45am

    I live in Amsterdam and last year as I was walking home alone at about 11.30 through Central Amsterdam I was hit across the side of the head by a youth who shouted ‘Homo’ at me. I wasn’t injured. But I reported it in an online form to the police. The police sent a thank you note but nothing more. They never asked me the ethnic background of the attacker. So I am curious to know how accurate this new report is (my attacker looked to be of muslim extraction incidentally). I think that statistically most homophobic attacks are probably by white Dutch men. Then again the vast majority of the population is white and Dutch. Certainly in Amsterdam the anecdotal evidence is that the people who attack gay people are of muslim extraction.

    One more thing – people seem to have this idea that the Netherlands is a haven of tolerance. I have never found that to be true. I think it is more a case of indifference. People aren’t interested in their neighbours. This is nice in one sense. But it should not be mistaken for liberalism or tolerance.

  3. amazinglyly i partly agree with Bill for once. there is a pre conception in some european socities that immigrants are responsible for most homophobic crime and that most immigrants are homophobic. There are plenty of white european homophobes…. As far as physical violence is concerned it’s more about economic deprivation and lack of education than colour/race, although very obviously those two factors are often more common in immigrant communities. It’s the “underclass” in London which is most violently homophobic and that comes in all colours, though unfortunately in some areas it is disproportionately black and muslim.

  4. A very worrying article! Holland and the Dutch People have always been held up for their tolerance and understanding. (almost what used to be called the British Fair play!) Knowing several Dutch people they will be appauled by this. Its this nasty, cancererous homophobia which has been let loose over the last ten years and I don’t know why!

  5. Simon Murphy 21 Nov 2008, 11:18am

    I think in Europe in general it is predominantly the native population who are responsible for the majority of crime. However it is rarely put into proportion ie these reports never indicate true reality.For example in the US it is true that purely in terms of numbers most prisoners in jail are white. However black people are in jail in disproportionate numbers. From my own experience of Amsterdam I do think that muslim youth (who face a lot of racism themselves) are responsible for a disproportionate amount of homophobic crime.

  6. If anyone thinks this lets the Moroccan community off the hook, then think again.

    This report ‘als ze maar van me afblijven’ (= as long as they stay away from me’) says, in amsterdam at least, it’s much more likely that the profile is likely to be 17-25 year old, and non-native.Often it is a hatred for effeminacy; the reports goes on to say that with Moroccans, in a male-dominated community with a strong macho-culture, voilence against gay people is a way of showing their own masculinity to their peers (effeminate gay people represent an object of hatred because it is everything a man should not be according to their culture).

    At the very least, gay people in Amsterdam should consider self defence courses, and learn to fight back, hard if necessary. And stop waiting for PC politicians to do anything. This has been going on for years now – of course when people like the late Pim Fortuyn warned about it, he was branded ‘racist’.

    Those who speak dutch can see the info on the report in the Volkskrant newspaper, or check the report on the COC website:

  7. This means that non-whites are OVERREPRESENTED in the hatecrime statistics as they are fewer than 16 percent of the inhabitants in Holland. Get real: Most muslims are homophobic and we need to deal with that. And we don’t deal with the problem by pretending it doesn’t exist, like this report tries to.

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