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Immigration activists target BMI over deportation of gay artist

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Reader comments

  1. Tammy Goodwin 19 Nov 2008, 12:56pm

    I think that if someone is clearly in trouble of facing trouble in their country if they go back. I can see both sides of this story though, it is a hard one to call because Mr Badalov is gay he faces danger when he goes home especially because this story is now in the press even more so, but if the goverment did give him the right to stay, then the goverment will have an influx on their hands of people claiming to be gay. Yes people ofcourse are deported against their will but you can’t have the whole world come to England, more countries should take asylum seekers more easily rather than them relying on England all the time.

  2. Joe Johnston 19 Nov 2008, 7:29pm

    If it hadn’t been for crackpots like No Borders South Wales agitating for the UK to accept any Tom Dick or Harry as ‘asylum seekers’ the situation would not have got so far out of hand as to be a national scandal and the few genuine cases would have been welcomed here much more easily. Anyone with a brain can see that the UK has been exploited by bogus asylum seekers for years.

  3. Officially the UK is currently home to 2% of the worlds refugees. I think the mass media probably have a huge part to play in making it seem like we have an ‘influx’.

    Look into it a bit more and you might see how warped the views are of asylum applicant and refgees, and what they go through when they are here.

  4. I have lived in Azerbaijan for a few years now and personally I do not see any danger for Mr. Badalov to return to his country. Certainly back home, unlike the UK, he would not get any benefits or social support for being gay, he’d be treated like any other man and would probably have to work hard to afford a festive lifestyle. I am pleased to hear that people in the UK or rest of Europe are not so easy to trick anymore by just claiming that the one comes country is at war, or he risks prosecution for being gay etc.

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