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Stars back gay-bashing campaign for “traditional love” in Ukraine

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Reader comments

  1. Here we go again, another East European Country that wants EU aid and membership but wants to keep it’s backward homophobic attitudes. There are already too many of them in the Union and we really need to ensure that no more join until they’ve seriously changed their attitudes. Poland, Bulgaria, Romania and the Baltic States are the worst offenders at the moment, but when they band together with conservative christian movements in countries such as Greece and Italy and Portugal, they do represent quite a threat to what is by far the best place in the world for LGBT people to live, the EU.

  2. “When someone is trying to encroach on this happiness I can’t be silent.”
    Perhaps Oksamita might care to elaborate? How exactly have LGBT people attempted to encroach on her happiness? They’ve been banging on her door insisting that she leave her husband, have they? No? Stupid cow. Can’t she get it? We might not like other people’s choice in husbands, wives or same sex partners, but it doesn’t affect us ONE BIT.
    I totally agree that countries like this shouldn’t be allowed to join the EU until they enter the 21st century. What other ‘threats’ do they wrongly perceive? What an unpleasant place to live. Even if I was straight, I’d hate to live among such ignorant, evil bigots.

  3. This is one major reason why those stars won’t make the bigtime outside the Ukraine, the other being the language barrier.

  4. There’s a third reason these stars won’t make it on the world stage – as any witness of Eurovision will know – their talent is minimal!

  5. How many people, gay or straight, have it as their number one ambition to go and live in the Ukraine? There you have it. It’s a pointless rathole.

    The irony is that most Ukranians would be only too glad to be able to leave the rathole and come and live in a proper country built on values they claim to despise. The rest would be content to stay and fester in their own hate (whilst happily grasping at our aid and subsidies). Pathetic.

  6. The problem is a large number of Eastern Europeans are now in the UK, so they will inflect their “moral values” on us. This is the thin end of the wedge. With a combination of Christian Europeans, Middle Eastern Muslims and generally homophobic Africans all targeting Britain, it’s only going to get worse.

  7. Edward in Los Angeles 19 Nov 2008, 5:01am

    Well, Oksamita can’t be that much of a star, she’s not even listed in Wikipedia (Lol). Here’s hoping her anti-gay views become as obsolete as her supposed talent.

  8. Commander Thor 19 Nov 2008, 9:35am

    “Love against homosexuality”. How many more contradictions can you fit in three words???

  9. Commander Thor 19 Nov 2008, 9:36am

    “The Holy Bible several times says that homosexuality is a sin and perversion.” – Dmitry Gordienko, a football player for Lviv FC.

    Read the effing Bible, it says no such thing.

  10. I’d love to know how gay existance threatens national security – what a load of twaddle!

  11. Simon Murphy 19 Nov 2008, 9:57am

    Well the Ukraine sounds like a vile dump. I think it would be wise for the more civilised and developed and intelligent and educated countries in the EU to insist that if the Ukraine wants to behave like a backward dump then they can forget joining the EU and NATO and that they should ask Russia to take them back (after all who else would want them?)

  12. Ukraine is neither a “pointless rathole,” nor a “vile dump.” It has a beautiful Black Sea coastline, and stunning onion-domed cities along the Dnieper, the Donets, and the Dniester. It is the mother of Kievan Rus’, the cradle of Russian orthodoxy, the bread-basket of the East Slavs. I’m entirely a fan.

    While, as always, I greatly enjoy your inarticulate outrage against Eastern Europe, I would again suggest that the best way to change attitudes in Ukraine – as in the rest of the former Communist bloc – is not for Western Europe to turn its back on them. More than most countries in the region, Ukraine lies between the spheres of Russia and of Europe. Shutting them out of the EU, and driving Ukrainians to look towards the East, is not going to do LGBT people in that country any favours at all.

  13. Well that explains why Andrey Danilko doesn’t just come out. Nice how they don’t even try to hide the hate behind all the “love” doublespeak. Makes you appreciate Verka Serduchka even more – these backwoods asshats could learn a lot from her about what it means to be a real star.

  14. rjb, i don’t have inarticulate outrage against eastern europe! and i certainly don’t agree with Rob N, who is way too negative about the contribution of Britains immigrant communities, especially on the gay scene. I have a lot of very good eastern european friends on the london scene, poles, hungarians czechs and lithuanians all of whom are delighted that the EU has given them the chance to live here, away from the homophobia in their own countries. And i would say the same about a lot of Africans especially Nigerians and Ghanains who are out and about in londons bars and clubs. But, while i agree that the best way to change attitudes in eastern Europe is to embrace the ex-communist nations, we have got a real problem with homophobia in the EU now, something i wouldn’t have believed possible before the accesion of the ex communist states. It’s highly unlikely we’ll see any movement at an EU level on issues such as Gay Marriage/Civil Partnership, because countries such as Poland the baltic states etc would veto it. we’re not ready to take on another country with such backward views. And while i agree with you that Ukraine is in many respects a beautiful country witth a rich heritage, pointing out that it’s the cradle of russian orthodoxy as a plus point, is perverse! the russsian orthodox church is VILE, it makes the Pope seeem liberal!

  15. firstly i have to disagree with Rob N. You’re sopund slightly to the right of the BNP there, was that your intention? the majority of the east europeans in the UK are quite liberal, that’s one of the reasons they came here, to get away from the conservatism and religiosity at home. I have loads of friends on the london gay scene from poland, lithuania, hungary and Ukraine and they are a real plus. I would say the same about a lot of the nigerian and ghanain guys on the london scene too, and most london gay clubs wouldn’t function without the west african staff and mini cab drivers none of whom are remotely homophobic, and put up with drunken/drug addled homs with amazing patience! And rjb, while i agree the best policy with east europe is to emrace and lead by example, we’ve really got enough with poland and the baltic states already in the EU. Also though i agree ukraine is a very beautiful country with a rich culture, making the cradle of russian orthodoxy a plus is perverse. The russian orthodox church is VILE, and a leading cause of homophobia in countries like Ukraine

  16. Simon Murphy 20 Nov 2008, 9:51am

    RJB – I disagree with the idea that the West must keep trying to engage with the Ukraine. If there was a similar campaign in the Ukraine that targetted jews or black people then all engagement with the Ukraine would be immediately stalled and there would be instant talk of economic sanctions. If the Ukrainian government does not act quickly to address this vile new homophobic campaign then the Ukraine is indeed a vile dump which doesn’t deserve any assistance (with the exception of the gay victims of the homophobic authorities).

  17. Well, rjb, has inclusion to the EU made Poland any more favourable to gay rights? No it hasn’t. That argument is fundamentally flawed, as inclusion of such backward places into a progressive EU simply pushed the balance of power to Eastern EU countries who are traditionally conservative and have plenty of corruption. Lets these countries stand on their own two feet for a generation or two before we let them into our EU… the onus is on them to catch up with the rest of us in the EU, not the dilution of our principals of equality to pander to countries 50 years behind us. We’ve suffered enough in Europe under “morally superior” governments before, think Berlin 1934, and I don’t want them in the EU adding to Poland’s homophobic voice.

  18. It is way past time that the LGB press clued up to the effects of US evangelical groups in countries like The Ukraine, where, basically with funds, equipment and workers from the USA, thanks to very helpful tax rules, they operate extensively, including owning media companies. The US-funded but English-based Trans World Radio, an anti-gay and “Rapture” (ie judgement day) promoting organisation, is very busy in the Ukraine, for example. Those noisy people who protested the parliamentary passage for regulations against homophobia in providing goods and services were led by a an English “pastor” who spends much time in that country.

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