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Education minister to launch LGBT History Month

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Reader comments

  1. Do really need an entire MONTH!?

    All this leftie promotional cr*p is pointless. What’s next? Illegal Immigrant Month? Vegetarian whale month? etc..

    This stuff all comes out of the public purse. Rather than this socialist “existence justification” exercise why not spend the money this bullsh*t costs on things like hospitals, schools and coppers on the beat?

  2. Holding this pre launch in a school & the sponsership is sending out a really positive message which no doubt will cause some debate (hopefully not protest). I think LGBT history month is important as much of our history has tried to be wiped out – lets reclaim & celebrate it.

  3. I don’t think it requires a whole month, but I would give it the same airtime as other stuggles for equality which are covered in school history lessons. Come to think of it I can’t remember any lessons on the suffragettes or the abolishion of slavery from my school years, though perhaps things have changed for the better on that score.
    Just as long as kids are made more socially aware and told where to look for further reading, it’s served its purpose.
    I think you could do a half decent primer in the gay rights stuggle in the course of one afternoon, it’s simply a case of taking the significant events and laying them out in sequence. Perhaps an additional afternoon for discussion?
    Gay history in general would be a massive undertaking though as Ancient Greece and the Renaissance alone would cover some pretty lofty historical precedents (Leonardo, Michelangelo, those other ninja turtles!). It also relies on good quality teaching and enough social context to make sense of it.
    I don’t see why gay history has to be separated out from mainstream history though, it’s not like we all lived in a bubble until 1967.

  4. Rob: can’t you read?

    The article makes it very clear why the month is needed (at the end) and not all the money comes out of the public purse as you say. In any case, LGBT people are tax payers too, so it’s their money as well.

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