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US ban on gays in the military “not first” on President-elect Obama’s priority list

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Reader comments

  1. let’s hope he doesn’t resile from his position, or dilute it. Human rights are indivisible, and if he allows this to fall by the wayside he will prove himself a hypocrite.

    I hope he remains true to his ideals

  2. Bill Perdue 17 Nov 2008, 10:18pm

    Asking right centrists like Obama and the Democrats for crumbs is futile. Obama’s campaign was based on pandering to bigots from the first and he’s never changed.

    According to Associated Press reporter Eric Gorski in teh
    November 5th edition of the Washington Post Obama made signifigant inroads into the cult regimented voting blocks that have been controlled by the Republicans for the last two decades.

    When the Yes on 8 bigots in California launched a massive campaign utilizing robo-calls and radio-TV ads quoting his strident, superstition driven opposition to same sex marraige Obama did nothing to correct them and refused to make an issue of it. That’s the first of many betrayals we’ll see.

  3. Oh, Bill, not again. We. Heard. You. First. Time.

    When are you going to address my question, what is Rainbow Red?

  4. Simon Murphy 18 Nov 2008, 9:07am

    Serving in the US or British or Dutch or Polish Army is not a human right while those countries have illegally invaded and occupied Iraq. I think gay people should be thankful that through this ban no openly gay people have participated in enabling the deaths of almost a million Iraqis. As for Obama – well I suspect many the hopes that have been placed at his door are unrealistic. The damage done by George Bush to the US will take more than 8 years to fix.

  5. Ciaran McMahon 18 Nov 2008, 10:41am

    Yeah, Martin, Bill’s rant makes no sense, more so this time than most… its juts a jumble of angry words thrown together with the hope that something resembling intelligence will manifest itself organically.

    Its the same old rant too. Over, and over, and over, and over, and over again. Good christ, its like a demented version of ground-hog day for the insane.

    And he wont answer your question on that so called “RainbowRED” organisation… simply because it doesn’t exist outside his troubled mind. Isn’t that right, little Billy Bolshevik? All Power to the Soviets! HEIL!

  6. Simon, where do you get your figure of a million Iraqi’s killed by western forces from??? I don’t believe you… Western armies are responsible for the deaths of tens of thousands of Iraqi’s particulalrly in the initial stages of the war and i don’t try and justify that…but hundreds of thousands have been callously and intentionally murdered since then by extremist Islamic groups, groups which western forces have been working alongside Iraqi government forces to eradicate. Why are some people far more interested in attacking US/ British soldiers than facing up to the truth , that the main threats to Iraq’s stability and it’s peoples lives are Militant Islamic groups like Al-Quaeda that deliberately target civilians to destabilise the current iraqi gover
    nment. More importantly though, if we’re talking about gay rights, then obviously gay men/women should have as much right to join the armed forces as straight people. Whether you individually agree with a specific war or not isn’t the issue. But i do think Obama will have more important LGBT issues to address first like Us gay marriage/civil partner ship before the army ban

  7. Steve Hope 18 Nov 2008, 1:33pm

    In 1948 President Truman invoked his constitutional right as Commander-in-Chief to abolish racial segregration in the US armed forces by executive decree.
    Obama has won the Presidency by a convincing and decisive victory and his party is in control of both houses of congress. If he is resolved to do right by lgbt service people, there are surely no obstacles to his removing this discriminatory policy as soon as he assumes office.

  8. Robert, ex-pat Brit 18 Nov 2008, 2:28pm

    apYrs, if Obama doesn’t deliver, he and other democrats can’t take gay votes for granted in 2012. They’re all on notice. Proposition 8 is a wake-up call for all of them now that almost the entire gay population is galvanised in all 50 states. In its passage to legislation, iProp. 8 produced a silver lining to unite us to fight on, only with our gloves off this time, no more making nice.

    Bill, you’re right about that. Some of those smear ads propogated by the right wing cultists were so appalling, they betrayed any sense of decency in human behaviour, all supported by the religious right of course. What needs to happen now is, in additon to marriage equality, we need to make sure that removal of their tax-exempt status is pursued. As you know, they are in gross violation of the tax code and the Mormon sect has not produced one shred of documentation demonstrating how and who they paid to get this piece of hate legislation passed, yet another violation of the their 501c3 tax-exempt status. I’ve just learned that Focus on the Family, another financial contributor to the proposition’s success has exhausted much of its funds. Well, imagine how they would fare by removing tax-exemption! Its an issue that must be taken seriously by the LGBT community nationwide and should be high on the agenda. There are many straights who support such a move too!

  9. Robert, ex-pat Brit 18 Nov 2008, 2:35pm

    Oh bill I think I love you. What ever you say I will agree with you! You’re great!!!

  10. I’m assuming Robert “ex-pat brit” is actually Bill Perdue under a different name? Who are they kidding. It has to be, he’s so far up Bill’s backside its disturbing, and the similarities between their rants can only mean they are the same nut job.

  11. Bill Perdue doesn’t see people the way you or I see people. He sees them as a series of 1s and 0s…

    But seriously, with all the problems we face right now I don’t expect don’t ask, don’t tell to be a priority.

    But it is part of the next administration’s civil rights agenda, which has just been posted on the President-elect’s official site:

  12. Bill Perdue 18 Nov 2008, 8:58pm

    Obama’s program is minimalist and if his betrayal on prop 8 is any measure of his support for same sex rights minimal concession with out real equality is what we’re in for.

    Keep in mind that Obama outright rejects marriage equality, that he’s spent over a year successfully fighting to make inroads into Rove’s bigot base, and that his first and most consistent message to us was delivered by ex-gay queer hating Rev. Donnie McKlurkin.

    If we develop an independent mass action movement with cutting edge demands we’ll stand a good chance of winning much more than the Democrats expediency will ‘give’ us.

    1. We need inclusive laws to make it easy to sue and win claims against employers, service providers and landlords who discriminate. The original ENDA is a good start. Barney Frank’s version is watered down to placate bigoted business owners.

    2. We need tough laws that harshly punish hate crimes and hate speech. How many more of us have to get killed before the bigots are stopped in their tracks?

    3. We need equal rights and privileges for our partnering. If everyone has civil unions or a civil partnership that’s fine but if they’re reserved for us on a separate but non equal basis that’s bigotry. Obama is a bigot.

    4. With the recession threatening to become a depression we need a crash program to fund housing, medical and counseling services and job training/educational assistance for the tens of thousands of LGBT children and teens thrown away by their patents.

    5. We need funding for HIV/AIDS services and research on an unrestricted ‘as necessary’ basis, overseen by activists from the GLBT communities, GLBT doctors and nurses and the AFL-CIO’s medical service unions.

    Why do twisters sisters ‘voices’ hate honest activists so? In any case, I accept the compliment.

  13. “Why do twisters sisters ‘voices’ hate honest activists so? In any case, I accept the compliment”

    You are NO activist!!! You are a deluded communist who thinks a few insults posted on random internet sites constitues LGBT civil rights… Dont make me laugh!

    The only way you do that Bill, is by giving us a good giggle every so often with your foolishness and lack of knowledge.

    If you’re such an “activist”, tell us what the Rainbowred organisation is and where the website is. Go on, you COWARD, put your mouth where you’re money is!

  14. Bill Perdue thinks he’s an activist for gay rigths!?!?!?!?!?!?!?

    Yeah, and I’m the frickin Dalai Lama…

    LOL! What a hoot. Isn’t it a bit early for April Fools Day jokes Billy, or don’t they let you have a calendar in the nut house?

  15. Robert, ex-pat Brit 19 Nov 2008, 1:24pm

    Oh bill I think I love you. What ever you say I will agree with you! You’re great!!!

    Comment by Robert, ex-pat Brit — November 18, 2008 @ 14:35

    Whoever the coward is falsely using my name to foment intolerance of free speech and opposing opinions is sorely mistaken if he thinks its going to make me go away, you are sorely mistaken. Having to hide behind my name clearly demonstrates your are inadequate, insecure, dishonest, and a total fraud. Obviously you have a problem accepting reality let alone the truth. You need to get into long-term therapy and confront your low self-esteem,among other things.

  16. Dermot Underwood 20 Nov 2008, 11:54am

    I have read many posts on Pink News, most are enjoyably and insightful, but I find it somewhat disturbing that Bill Perdue considers himself an gay rights activist [sic].

    If he is, or even thinks he is, then may god help us all.

    And Robert [formerly from the UK], you have clearly left your sense of humour behind on the British Isles. You could do with addressing that chip on your shoulder, ranting like some rabid zealot about “long-term therapy” and “self esteem”. How embarrassing. Please man, get a hold of yourself!

    I tend to agree with one astute statement here, Robert and Bill are most likely the same person. I find it unlikely two people would have such blatantly similar over-reactions to everything and everyone.

  17. Bill Perdue 23 Nov 2008, 12:58pm

    What came first, the Tory Self-loathing Internalized Homophobics Chorus singing ‘An Ode to Section Twenty Eight” or the Log Cabin Republican Swinging Singers ‘A Chorale for Airport Mensrooms.’

    Who cares?

  18. What on earth are you talking about Mr. Perdue? Is any semblance of sense even a *remote* possibility from this so called person???

    Martin & Dermot are quite correct in their assessment of you, you are a troubled individual, and really should seek help. Now.

  19. …oh, and Robert. Get a life.

    “I’m Robert, and I’m a little bitch, so if you don’t agree with me you’re a republican or some kind of low self-esteem issue… blah blah f*cking blah”


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