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Nepal’s highest court confirms full rights for LGBT people

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Reader comments

  1. PCG from Portugal 17 Nov 2008, 7:09pm

    Can we hire these Judges to come over to work for us, Europeans, the said First World? If this can happen in Nepal, why cannot this happen all over Europe and USA. Where are the guts of the European and USA Supreme Court Judges?

    12 Points for Nepal.

  2. This is absolutely amazing news, it could have a really positive influence on a couple of other countries in the region, most importantly India, in it’s current/future discussions on LGBT rights. And having lived for years in Sri Lanka and seen the way the younger more westernized generation are coming round to the idea of Gay rights, i think things could realistically change there too. Ofcourse these 3 countries are Hindu/Buddhist. Pakistan unfortunately is light years behind as the story about banning the movie with a gay kiss shows…….

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