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Curb Your Enthusiasm star “proud to be a black woman, and proud to be gay”

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  1. Robert, ex-pat Brit 17 Nov 2008, 3:10pm

    “We call upon those who have honest disagreements on this issue to urge restraint upon the extreme actions of a few that are further polarising our communities.”

    What does the Mormon church think, that its decision to vote away our rights wouldn’t polarise us? I think it should change its name to the “Moron” church, in fact its not a church, its a cult that at one time believed in polygamy and practised it. There are one or two offshots of it that still adhere to the practise but the “Moron” cult looks the other way.

  2. Simon Murphy 18 Nov 2008, 9:15am

    The Mormon cult (along with the catholic cult and other christian cultss) deserve everything they get. If they think it is acceptable for society to vote away the rights of a particular group of people then they are obviously enemies of democracy and justice and absolutely deserve to be attacked.

  3. The Mormons until relatively recently used to believe black people were god’s lesser children, and they still wear special mormon underpants as part of their beliefs which carry mystical powers. Do I need to say more…?

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