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Video: Trans man pregnant with second baby

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Reader comments

  1. Simon Murphy 14 Nov 2008, 9:34am

    Lovely to see how he is financially benefitting himself by whoring out his pregnancies and babies to the highest magazine bidder. Warms the cockles of my heart.

  2. Pregnant WOMAN is pregnant again. Why is this even newsworthy? Why does the media feed this sad attention-seeker’s craving for attention and earning money for doing what billions of other wWOMEN have done before HER?

  3. I fail to see why they need to put man in quotation marks. The ‘trans’ prefix is a perfectly good alternative to beeing condicending.

    And Marcus? Dont be so rude (not to mention hipocritical, coming for someone who is presumably gay).

    Some people are Trans, get over it.

  4. Simon Murphy 14 Nov 2008, 12:15pm

    The problem with this case is that this ‘man’ is pregnant. To engage in an activity which is so UNIQUELY female as giving birth to a child calls into question the whole idea of what ‘trans’ actually means. My (probably naive and ignorant) understanding was that a trans person emotionally identified themselves with the opposite gender than their birth gender. What I fail to understand with this case is HOW someone who physically and emotionally identifies as a man would wish to get pregnant repeatedly. I think the answer is in the fact that this ‘man’ is selling every single aspect of his story for cash.

  5. John, I’m not the one being hypocritical .. but you certainly are with your “Dont be so rude”. The fact that I am gay has f*ck all to do with it – and to suggest that it does is banal. The simple fact is that she isn’t trans and that the silly woman is still a woman and is gaining notoriety for doing something that only women can do. She is a woman, so get over it.

  6. Has it really not occurred to her that people laugh for no other reason than that she is being a total prat?

    If she was mentally ill she would deserve our sympathy and support, but it is plain as day that her motives are purely mercenary.

  7. He is a transman – so he doesn’t need to fall into the traditional ideas of men and women as he already transcends that. So being pregnant isn’t a denial of his gender identity.

    And while I agree that I think the media attention is quite unnecessary, it is only because of the “come look at the freaks!” style of journalism that goes on nowadays. And it should be mentioned that the Beatties originally went to the press during their first pregnancy to highlight the problems they were experiancing from doctors and healthcare professionals when undergoing fertility treatment.

    At the end of the day, Thomas and his wife wanted to start a family and due to his wife’s inability to have children as a result of surgery, Thomas decided to be their own surrogate, as he has often stated. Many transpeople want to have families, as do many people in general. At least Thomas has allowed himself time to become comfortable with who he is and develop his own sense of self before starting a family – would people prefer that he continued living as a woman first, have babies and then put himself and his children through the long and emotional turmoil of gender reassignment treatment?

  8. Grace Annam 15 Nov 2008, 12:47am

    The “skeptic quotes” in the headline were gratuitous, and pretty disappointing in a periodical which should be setting an example on this stuff.
    Thomas Beattie’s wife cannot have a child. They both want to have a child. For the sake of his wife and their children, he has done something foreign to an identity he felt so strongly that he transitioned. And now he’s done it twice. In so doing, he has taken it on the chin from cretins like some of the posters here, and others.
    If that’s not a man stepping out and doing for his family, I don’t know what is.
    Thomas Beattie, you rock.
    Anyone who can’t separate gender from biology: keep trying. Some day you’ll figure out that what you’re doing to trans people is what hetero bigots have done to gay people all along. I hope you’ll have the decency at that point to work to make amends.

  9. Diana Taylor 15 Nov 2008, 1:49am

    The one thing that most commentators fail to address is the “FACT” that childrens welfare is involved. Shame on the media for even acknowledging that this man has done this, as a Transgender women myself I regard that the biggest single sacrifice I made was foregoing the right to have my own children. But for the Media to inflict themselves on these childrens lives in this manner should be a crime. Yes when the children are of age and choose to bare there lives to the media I have little problem with, but while they remain unborn or minors the law should give them the protection they so rightly deserve.

  10. Abi Chrisopher 15 Nov 2008, 11:08am

    I think what many fail to understand is the financial cost American transsexuals go through. This trans man will need to pay over $75,000 for his re constructive surgery excluding his breast augmentation this is not covered by health insurance. I can see how making money out of this story would seem attractive for him. Many American transsexuals are unable to afford surgery and will in the case of trans women get themselves castrated. And with trans men if they can afford it have breasts removed only. Does the lack of finances exclude them from the true gender they where born with.

    It disgusts me that some of you will call this trans man a woman on one hand. Then complain about a rapper who calls you a fa**ot on the other hypocrites or what.

    This is a act of love and self sacrifice. The same type of sacrifice lesbians go through using a sperm from a sperm bank. Or a gay couple using a surrogate mother.

    With all the discrimination your communities have with reproduction and parenting rights I thought you might understand.

    From the view of a trans woman.

  11. I find the fact you put man in “scare quotes” to be so ridiculous I can’t even find words to complain.

    What the heck? It’s man, not “man”, if they identify as FTM transgender/transsexual/whichever.

  12. theotherhalf 15 Nov 2008, 5:15pm

    ‘a trannies allright as long as they stay a GOOD trannie and don’t do anything that makes me question my ideas of Gender.’

    I bet you say that to all the Queers.

  13. Why is the word man in quotation marks?? HE IS LEGALLY A MALE, EVEN IF NOBODY AGREES WITH IT. And just because they are trans, that doesnt mean that he cant have a baby. He’s hurting nobody and Im sure their children will be raised with love and affection, which is more than can be said for some poor children on this earth.

    ps. Its LGBT for a reason, T = TRANSGENDER, so everyone thats gay, stop discriminating against people in your own community!! Hypocrites.

  14. Simon Murphy 17 Nov 2008, 10:09am

    To Diana Taylor – you say that the media should be ashamed of their behaviour with regards to this family. Why should they? This couple contacted the media to sell their story for cash and have continued to do so ever since. They obviously have zero regard for the privacy of their infant or unborn kids so they must accept total blame for their own treatment at the hands of the press. The press didn’t ‘expose’ their story. They have simply been whoring their own story out. Which is utterly vile behaviour regardless of how they identify.

  15. Amie .. I can assure you that this freak of a woman isn’t a part of any community that I am a part f. Bring back the days of LGB and let the T bugger off and do their own thing.

  16. Amie: Screaming gibberish nonsense about discrimination (when there isn’t any discrimination .. just a mercenary jerk who want the best of both worlds, but wont make a commitment to either) in order to divert attention from Thomas’ rank hypocrisy, really doesn’t do your case any favours.

    Abi Chrisopher: Show me a single person commenting here who has complained about the rapper.

    Grace Annam: If you seriously think that this has anything to do with inability to separate gender from biology, then you have seriously lost the plot. If there is bogorty at work here, then it is all coming from the trans community as opposed to the GLB community.

  17. Finn – I assume because you are on this website that you are gay/a lesbian or bisexual. How can you so easily discriminate against someone in your own community?! Whether anyone likes it or not, its LGBT. People who are trans are NOT freaks, they are normal people who are trying to find their way in the world, and who have unfortunately been born into the wrong body. So before you get on your LGB high horse, try and remember that trans people suffer the same discrimination that gay/lesbian people do. But Im sure they didnt expect to suffer it from people in the gay community.

    Marcus – It is discrimination when people call him a freak. And how does he want the best of both worlds? By wanting a child? As he said, thats a human desire, not just female or male desire. That child will be loved and adored by him and his wife, which is much more than can be said for many young children in this world today – just look at todays newspapers as evidence of that!

  18. theotherhalf 20 Nov 2008, 10:11pm

    hey fin:

    you’ve got the same name as a transman i know.

    I bet that makes you sick.

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