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Two men jailed for assault in Dutch HIV blood case

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Reader comments

  1. BrockleyBoi 13 Nov 2008, 2:15pm

    Am I alone in my confusion here? The judges freely admit that all of the victims were basically slappas and willingly attended orgies to engage in barebacking. Therefore it was not proven when or from whom they had contracted their HIV. Thus the central allegation of injecting someone with HIV infected blood (however unpalatable that is) doesn’t stand. You can’t find someone guilty of such a heinous crime on the basis of ‘Oh well we don’t really know but maybe you did and maybe you didn’t’ Where is the proof beyond all reasonable doubt?

    So exactly what assault did these men commit to deserve 9 years and 5 years imprisonment? Was it because they provided GHB & Ecstasy at their orgy? Good grief, even dealers of harder drugs don’t get those kind of sentences over here. The ‘victims’ presumably presented themselves willingly at this orgy [there is no mention of kidnap]. Maybe they forced the GHB & Ecstasy down their poor victims throats against their will and therein denied them their inalienable right to refuse to participate in sex [even though it was an orgy and that was the primary reason for them being there]?

    Or is this just show trial designed ‘titillate & scandalise’ Dutch society?

  2. BrockleyBoi’s inane assertion that the the central allegation of injecting someone with HIV infected blood doesn’t stand, simply because the victims also happen to be what he (somewhat judgementally) terms as “slappers” – stands amongst the most vacuous nonsense I have ever read (and stands up there with the “they were begging for it” rape defence when it comes to crass ignorance.

    Perhaps BorckleyBoi should actually take the time read what these men have actually been found guilty of .. or doesn’t that suit his purpose? Perhaps he doesn’t think that injecting people with HIV-positive blood, with the specific intention of infecting them with HIV, is a heinous enough act to warrant incarceration.

    I wonder if BrockleyBoi is the same ignorant resident of Brockley who several weeks ago (with the highly appropriate username of ‘CupidStunt’) was using the same sort of inane language when he was trolling his outrage about this same prosecution in the HIV-Positive cruising room of Gaydar? He aso conveniently kept overlooking the fact that that these guys were accused of injecting their victims with infected blood.

    As someone who lives with HIV, I hope that the prosecutors are successful in their attempts to appeal for harsher sentences. I hope the lock these guys up and throw away the key.

  3. Hear hear, Finn.

    BrockleyBoi’s argument is clearly scraped off the bottom of the barrel of lame excuses used by those who oppose any and all prosecutions for transmission, or attempted transmission, of HIV.

    As this case has so clearly demonstrated, there are cases of proven intent which confirm that there are certain extreme cases where we just can’t get away from the fact that prosecution is occasionally not only justified, but also absolutely right.

    Thank goodness for common-sense. Here is another pozzer hoping that the key gets thrown away on the second attempt.

  4. Simon Murphy 14 Nov 2008, 9:38am

    The victims did not willingly take drugs. THey were drugged. Therefore the sex they experienced was rape. 9 years seems like a fairly mild sentence for rape to be honest.

  5. Don Bostaph 14 Nov 2008, 4:17pm

    It does not matter that the “Collateral Damage” of intentionaly, delibrately, and with extreme malace injecting DRUGED men with their apparent form of “SHARING” their own form of stupidity in becoming infected during unprotected sex.

    It may well be the “injectees” were demonstrating their stupidity for being there and “trusting” they would have a good time with no thought of any consiquences they might incur.

    This does not justify the attempt on their lives, wherther they may or may not “been” infected prior to this event.

    The Magistrate should put the culprits so far under their prison, they will have to pipe light so the ilk can see. This should remain until the last of the infected are gone and then another one-hunderd years.

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