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Disgraced pastor Ted Haggard claims he was abused as a child

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  1. darkmoonman 13 Nov 2008, 3:33pm

    How very typical of such folk – always trying to create some scapegoat rather than admit who they really are. It annoying that Mr. Haggard has chosen to parade yet an old stereotype: a man is gay becuase he was abused as a child. He simply cannot come out of the closet and admit that he was born gay.

  2. For me the whole Ted Haggard story is summarised neatly by this little song from Roy Zimmerman:

    cracks me up every time…

  3. I have never been sexually abused. Does this mean I am not gay or that I have always had a deep seated desire to be sexually abused?

  4. LOL flapjack!!

    Yet another, in a long line of chaucerian fraudsters, as if we didn’t need reminding about how sleazy the religious industry is in America. It is good to see people brought down to size, because if you’re a man of faith you can get away with saying and doing anything (e.g. Billy Graham: “If only the Jews knew what I thought of them….”).

    Interesting he failed a lie detector test – and he talks about being abused as a child. Now he’s passing on the abuse to children, torturing young minds with concepts of eternal punishment, and making them susceptible to the kind of guilt and shame that gay kids unnecessarily go through.

    It will be a shame that in the end, there will be no hell for people like Haggard to go to.

  5. I love the line “He is completely heterosexual. That is something he discovered”.

    Classic! Its just like saying, “I’m not gay, but my boyfriend is”

    The more religious people become the more stupid they prove themselves to be.

  6. Okay it is very possible that he is lying and covering up his homosexuality or bisexuality. However, it is only fair that there is room for the fact that straight men who have been sexually abused as children by male perpetrators DO act out homosexually which has nothing to do with their identity or orientation. It is not out of the question that for Haggard, he might be one of those men.

    Isn’t it just as homophobic to say someone is gay just because they have “sexual” episodes repeatedly when our argument as a culture is that homosexuality is more than just “sex”?

    I leave room for this man to decide for himself what his true orientation is. And I know that just because a man has sex with another man–even if there is a pattern or regularity–doesn’t have to mean he is gay.

    We don’t accuse women of that. Why would we do this about men?

    Joe Kort, Author, Psychotherapist

  7. I wish this idiot would just STFU

  8. Joe- hate to state the obvious, but I always thought having gay sex with people was the single most convincing defining characteristic of being gay, or at the very least bi-curious, unless you’re talking non-consentual sex. Whatever the cause, the symptom speaks volumes.
    As for whether it’s fair to take Haggard to task for his “acting out”, I’d just like to remind you, this is a guy who lobbied the US government at the highest level to maintain gayness as an abomination.
    Psychiatric help is one thing he might need, but I’m low on sympathy for anyone that lacks enough empathy to cut some slack for people who are going through exactly what he was going through when he was “acting out”.

  9. I really doubt this is the case here, “Joe Kort”. Haggard is not a repeated offender, he’s clearly got a strong “inclination” to being gay. Personally I’d prefer we don’t include this self loathing idiot into our ranks, but hey, there are more self loathing homosexuals, for what ever reason, than out and comfortable gay men.

    And I suspect your are not Joe Kort, Author and Psychotherapist, but I suspect perhaps a supported of “reformed” gays, hmmmm?

  10. I’d love to write something intelligent, but words don’t do the trick, do they? What a fuck-up of a man, poor soul, what hopelessness – what a can of worms there must be in his head, poor man.

  11. Joe said “that just because a man has sex with another man–even if there is a pattern or regularity–doesn’t have to mean he is gay”

    Rubbish. He’s queer. Its called denial. We’ve all been there, sweetie!

  12. “What can of worms must be in his head, poor man” asks James Lees in comment 10.

    Good question. Easy answer. Religion.

  13. So there are two stories about being made gay because of sexual abuse as kids! What a load of old tosh! Its like the old joke, A “My mother made me a homosexual”
    B”If I give her the wool will she make me one too”………

  14. As Edmund Cohen clearly demonstrated in his book ‘The Mind of the Bible Believer’, the Evangelical System of Mind Control operates chiefly through dissociation & fear.

    Ted Haggard is himself both victim & perpetrator of this most destructive form of spiritual abuse.

    This is his REAL sin – his real shortcoming – his denial of the overwhelming historical evidence that fundamentalist Christianity is utterly false – that the Apostolic generation of Christians expected the imminent apocalyptic arrival of the Kingdom of God (in the 1st Century), and that they were utterly wrong about this – the very CORE of their new religion!

    I could go on about the harmful psychological consequences of believing (and coercively persuading others to believe)in a violent, interventionist God like that found in the Bible, but I believe the history of ‘Christendom’ tells its own tale about that…

  15. James Lees 14 Nov 2008, 7:50pm

    Religion is responsible for a lot of self hatred and other bad stuff, but it was not always like that. Has anyone heard of the gay marriage of the early church – adelphopoesis – and of the two wonderful (and married) gay martyrs, Saints Sergius and Bacchus?
    Google around and you will learn a lot that the church does not want you to know.

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