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Liverpool council’s village plan “ignores” LGBT community

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Reader comments

  1. why do we need a ‘gay quarter’ anyway? i dont want to be ghettoised. i want to be able to go into any bar or club with another guy and be myself, not just the bars and clubs that cater specifically to me.
    i can understang making it more pedestrian friendly, but trying to encourage gay friendly buisness to open there in particular (read they were trying to do that somewhere) is daft.
    do you do think if the council wanted to create a muslim quarter or an Afro-carribean quarter or worse yet a jewish quarter, these people would see that they where geting put into ghettos? so why do gay people feel like we are having a favour done for us by being segregated by the council? if it happened naturally, like canal st, fair enough, but dont make an issue out of it..