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40% oppose gay men as adoptive parents

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Reader comments

  1. Mirjam Bader 12 Nov 2008, 2:50pm

    So 60% of people do not oppose gay men adopting. Well I think that is pretty good and it is a majority.

  2. 43% is still a minority. Look at the other side of the coin, a majority is in favour. Ask yourself, what do you think the result would have been 10, or 20 years ago? Certainly a majority would have been against it. There’s clearly a lot of work left to do, but a minority is still a minority.

  3. (Opps,I meant 40%…)

  4. 40% is 40% too high. Oddly, this is one of those so entrenched examples of homophobia that I’ve had gay men actually tell me that gay men shouldn’t be able to adopt. I wonder if the survey used landlines (which tend to be owned by older people these days).

    We rarely have representations of gay men or lesbians being adoptive parents in the media. The only example I can think of is the American Queer as Folk series (which is very positive but hardly mainstream).

  5. Were this survey to be carried out as a referendum the result would be much different, adoption by perverts would be denied.
    Of course our government which is full of queers would adopt the
    usual nazi tactic and deny the result.

  6. Robert, ex-pat Brit 12 Nov 2008, 4:24pm

    Tom, religion is at the core of mostly all antigay legislation, lets face it. Its in every society. The religious right will use anything it can to throw at us since we are the last group that they can bash and get away with it. Remove religion from the equation and you’d see a far different outcome. They are damaged people for the most part, irrational and insecure about a lot of things. There was a study done in the U.S.not so long ago, I wish I could remember when and where and who by but apparently, religious people watch violent films far more than average non-religious people, speaks volumes to homophobia and a definite correlation.

  7. Anonanon, ironic you use a reference to the nazis… fond of SS uniforms yourself, are you?

  8. Robert, I wouldn’t say that religion is the only factor when it comes to opinions on gay adoption – I have heard plenty of aethiests, as well as other gay men, say they oppose gay adoption on the grounds of children “needing a mother and a father”.

    I argue that no normal child is raised in a bubble by his or her parents, that there is input from grandparents, aunts, uncles, family friends, teachers etc. It really does take a village to raise a child.

    Then there are those who say that they don’t disagree with gay adoption per se, but if they had the option, a straight couple would be preferable. But I argue that flies in the face of the best interests of the child, as the natural assumption that a heterosexual couple is best for the child is not always correct.

    For example, a child who has experianced abuse at the hands of male relatives would be better in a lesbian couple’s care due to the fact that there would be no men living in the household and that the child can be gradually introduced to adult males to help his/her recovery. Or a gay teenager who is thrown out by his (heterosexual) parents, would much likely do better with gay or lesbian foster parents who would understand his/her situation better than a heterosexual couple.

    The fact remains that these children are in care because of the neglect and/or abuse by heterosexual parents.

  9. Steve Hope 12 Nov 2008, 7:56pm

    Just as well that we live in a representative, and not a direct, democracy, inspite of the imperfections of the former. Give me corrupt politicians instead of Vox Populi any day. Look at what votes on issues and not for elected officials do in some US states!

  10. aren’t we lucky:

    in Anonanon we have our own mildly-foul-mouthed troll.

    As usual, these sad people haunt the outskirts of what they actually want to be part of shouting childish abuse.

    Like all children, they get bored when one ignores them.

    But keep readin Anonanon, you may learn something, and you may eventually have courage to look your own sexuality and shortcomings in the face

  11. “I have heard plenty of atheists, as well as other gay men, say they oppose gay adoption on the grounds of children “needing a mother and a father”.” : Andrew

    Sorry to say, but I am one of those. And before the fatuous Ex-Brit Robert pipes up about my “Neo-Con” status – (whatever the f*ck that is) – Neither Gay men or Lesbians are capable alone of bringing a child into the world, and that is the ideal situation for a child is “one of each”.

    Before anyone starts bleating about *their* rights, get it right: You do NOT have the right to have a child. The only rights in any instance are those of the child itself, and the child alone. If you cannot provide the support, attention, care, love, money and complete overheads for someone for the next eighteen years of it’s life, you are not fit to have children, irrespective of gender, sexuality, age, race, religion or status.

    I am sure there are many gay people that could offer far more than a great deal of heterosexual ones, but that isn’t the point. We are NOT equal, (in some cases we are superior), but when it comes to families, it requires an even balance. Whether you think you are equal in the world, there are many out there that think otherwise, and it’s not fair to invoke your petty politics on a kid.
    Simple as that.

  12. Edward in Los Angeles 13 Nov 2008, 2:43am

    Simple as that??? (see the last comment). Let me ask you this Rob Neal…do you think that gay people who marry are going to divorce at the same 51% rate as straight people do? I dsoubt it. I also doubt whether gay people will bring up children who join gangs or go into high schools and shoot their principals and fellow students. If I were you Rob Neal, I’d get some therapy – not because you’re insinuiating that gay people cannot provide “the support, attention, care, love, money and complete overheads for someone for the next eighteen years of it’s life”…but because I think you are a self-loathing gay man who has internalized alot of hate all your life and you don’t even know it. I’m not the one invoking petty politics on children – you are.

  13. I’m gay and also believe that when a same sex couple adopt it should have both a female and male role model.

  14. Edward in Los Angeles:
    I think gay people are going to divorce in even larger numbers actually. Certainly the men. Lesbians can hold down long term relationships, but most men cant keep their dicks in their pants. The only way round is the ubiquitous “OPpen Relationship” which is a complete sham, and bypasses any concept of a civil partnership or marriage.

    Gay men are inherently selfish. That’s a fact. They continually moan, whinge and whine about trivial matters, and expect to be treated as equals whilst bearing massive chips on their shoulders. I can see prissy queens mincing about saying “But WHY?? If I want to get pregnant I SHALL!!” The bottom line is I dont think gay men are anywhere near responsible enough to run a Tupperware party, let alone bring yet another bastard child into an unforgiving world.

    Incidentally, I do not need therapy, I am not self loathing, I just despise people who’s lot is never a happy one and they cannot accept what is good in their lives instead of habitually complaining about what they haven’t got.

  15. Edward in Los Angeles 13 Nov 2008, 1:26pm

    “Incidentally, I do not need therapy” wrote Rob Neal above. Well, to paraphrase an old movie executive, “Self-diagnosis isn’t worth the paper it’s written on…” For you to write, “The bottom line is I don’t think gay men are anywhere near responsible enough to run a Tupperware party, let alone bring yet another bastard child into an unforgiving world”…I say, not only do you need therapy, Mr. Neal – you need it faster than I originally thought.

  16. Edward in Los Angeles 14 Nov 2008, 12:23pm

    I wasn’t slinging mud at all. I honestly think you need help. There are plenty of gay men out there who think they aren’t worthy enough to be considered good parents in the same vein as say heterosexual parents. And I would say the same thing to them: GET HELP.

  17. Rob (keep trying to wipe me out) 14 Nov 2008, 3:41pm

    I didn’t say anything about me being a good parent. I wouldn’t want to be. I hate the little brats.

    I was referring to your average poof-in-the-street, who would more likely treat a child as a fashion accessory.

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