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Schools play about homophobia attacked by rightwing press

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Reader comments

  1. So would it be fair to assume that the Daily Mail and the Daily Telegraph are for homophobic bullying in schools? I know that they’d probably say “We just don’t want to encourage children to think about being gay at such a young age” but if you read between the lines, they just don’t like the idea of gay rights full stop and they want to nip them in the bud before kids get the idea that gayness is OK in any shape or form. I don’t see them vetoing straight sex ed at 12 years old.
    They seem to want the old glory days of section 28 back again. Someone should remind them we don’t convert kids to gayness, they come to that conclusion all on their own. I myself was brought up in a thoroughly homophobic environment, and all it meant for me was longer spent in the closet and deeper self-loathing.

  2. Edward in Los Angeles 11 Nov 2008, 12:03pm

    Well put.

  3. The right-wing press has latched on to the fact that Gordon Brown is a weak and dithering Prime Minister and is likely to react in a way to placate the right-wing press to a far greater extent than Blair ever was.The anti-gay agenda is also aimed at Peter Mandelson.There is considerable pressure now from Christian fundamentalists such as Green and the Roman Catholic church is also flexing its political muscle while Rowan Williams for the Church of England is a ditherer also.Above all there is as usual total apathy from the gay community as a whole – they think the battle is won and it is a case of “carry on cruising”.They might be shocked at the degree to which gay rights can be revoked and circumvented and how very quickly when political sentiment changes under an onslaught from the right-wing brainwashers and their hacks.

  4. Quite so, Gendy. If anyone is feeling comfortable with their rights and thinks they are set in stone, look what just happened in California. Eternal vigilance and all that….

    As for this play, it’s the fact that it’s going down so well with the students that is the worry for the bigots. It’s a threat to them. They fear the widespread demise of their worldview will leave them as a minority. And they despise minorities. It’s a real headf**k.

    As for Dagenham, this is a BNP stronghold. Would these newspapers be so eager to support the same “concerns” being expressed by parents in respect of a play to combat racism? I doubt it.

  5. Would it not also be fair to say that the Daily Mail represents only a minority of opinion in this country anyway and, if so, can we assume that their influence is on the wane?
    Grew can comment on the Daily Mail’s hatred for GLBT people all he likes, but in the end it isn’t that important. The constituency who read papers like that are a lost cause anyway; witness Paul Dacre’s recent speech to the society of editors – a pathetic speech by a pathetic man whose attitudes come from a bygone age.

    Incidentally, this speech referred to the freedom of the press to report the private lives of public figures, and that it ought to be retained for reasons of public interest. Of course that is nonsense. The purpose of him wanting to retain the right to violate privacy is to tittilate the sexually repressed and sell more newspapers as a result; he knows that, we know that and, in fact, most reasonably intelligent people know that!

    This initiative is positive, because today’s kids are the citizens, MPs and politicians of tomorrow. Some might even become newspaper editors (if the internet hasn’t destroyed all of them before then). If there is ever a need for education, it is with the young. The “olduns” are a lost cause, I’m afraid.

  6. When I last looked at the “post your comment” section of this story in the Daily Mail, the majority of posters were very supportive of the play.

  7. It must be said, the majority of the readers’ comments under the Daily Mail article were – surprisingly – quite understanding of the need to show the play. A miracle in itself….

  8. I’d be more concerned if I found out my kids were reading the Daily Mail at school at such a young and impressionable age.

  9. David Griff 11 Nov 2008, 7:09pm

    I don’t think it is fair to say the Daily Mail is a minority viewpoint, however, I did think that pressure from a from a society that, the middle class atleast, percieves to be less tolerant towards homophobia would stop it from making commentary like this. Having said that it is not a minority viewpoint I would, however, still say that I don’t think that most of the readers of the Mail are that bad. I agree with Michael: I’d be far more worried if my children were reading the work of such an odious and poisonous man as Paul Dacre.

  10. paul canning 11 Nov 2008, 11:21pm

    Read the comments to the article – a majority are positive. Things aren’t that bleak.

  11. Danni Tate 12 Nov 2008, 8:37am

    I do agree that the bigots of this world are worried that we might realise that it is OK to be LGBT. I knew that I was different at 6 years old, and that is when it was illegal. I didn’t even know who or what I was, but I was different from all my peers. Not allowing children to grow up and develop in thier own way is immoral and wrong. Section 28 was abolished for good reason. Parents, well good parents, should support the children, not suppress them.

  12. theotherhalf 12 Nov 2008, 10:23pm

    the daily mail has acutely become allot more positive towards Queer Rights and (shockingly for Stonewall) particularly Trans rights in the last year.

    Lazy reporting, lazy reporting.

    If you want to see homophobia and Transphobia go straight to The Guardian.

  13. Rob (keep trying to wipe me out) 14 Nov 2008, 3:43pm

    Why bother? The editorial team are doing a good job

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