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Lindsay Lohan defies lesbian classification

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Reader comments

  1. Right on Lindsay for not wanting to be labeled or pigeon-holed. You are a sexual being and free to express your sexuality any way you choose. It is ridiculous labels like “gay”, “straight”, etc. that limit and divide us as human beings, and are the source of so much suffering. Human sexuality is a fluid thing and by subscribing to a label you are closing yourself off to so much. It is now widely accepted that human sexuality spans the entire spectrum of preferences from homosexual at one end to heterosexual at the other, with most people falling somewhere in the grey area between. Assuming homosexuality to be at zero and heterosexuality to be at 100, and with human sexuality evenly spread between the two, it ca be argued that only one percent of the population fall exclusively in either camp. I know many so-called gay men who are attracted to certain women but would never consider pursuing their feelings in that direction because they have accepted the gay label and are pressurred into the belief that they can;t have it both ways, so they conform to the “gay herd” mentality. And that is why so-called “gay” footballers and others stay firmly in the closet. They may fancy men but they may also fancy women to a small or large extent, and fear that by revealing their sexual attraction to men they fear they will be automatically labeled gay and be associated with the shallow hedonism that gay culture has sunk to in recent years. It is not their reality. Sure, they may sleep with men from time to time, but gay culture is as alien to them and anathema as pork chops at a Bar Mitzvah ceremony! Indeed, being on the “down low” – i.e. men who have sex with other men while being emotionally and sexually attached to women – is evidently on the increase as people’s idea of sexuality becomes more open and fluid; and these are the last men on earth who would describe themselves as gay! Just as homosexual activity increases in all-male environments; it doesn’t make the participants “gay”!! That is why gay extremists who are screaming for gay sports stars and Hollywood actors to come out are barking up the wrong tree. The gay world is not the world where most people with same sex attraction have any desire to belong to or an urge to be a part of. The day labels like “gay” and “straight” no longer apply or have any currency cannot come soon enough!! Certainly, their demise will also mark the end of untold suffering, division and prejudice.

  2. As long as she does not claim to be an “actress,” Ms Lohan can describe herself however she likes.

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