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Brian Paddick to appear in ITV reality show I’m A Celebrity

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Reader comments

  1. Stuart Grout 12 Nov 2008, 8:49am

    You headline with Brian Paddick when Martina is going on the show?

    When will the Paddick fanboys at pinknews realize that the world doesn’t revolve around a failed police officer and politician. Martina should clearly have been the headline and will probably be far more entertaining.

  2. On the contrary, Stuart, I think that Brian Paddock did a great deal of good – at least he kept being a “normal gay” in the public arena. Bearing in mind the institutionalised homophobea prevailing in the police force at present, i feel he must have had a very rough ride (so to speak) but he came out of it admirably and showed himself to be a great role model for other gay people, professional or not.
    Somebody has to have the banner headline – so why not Brian?

  3. The jungle is the best place for a waste of time and space like Brian Paddick.

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