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Thousands of lives could be saved by new anal cancer test

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Reader comments

  1. Jenny G raham 11 Nov 2008, 12:06am

    If penis’ were put where they are supposed to go (in vaginas not rectums then there would be no need for anal tests.

  2. Jenny G, your last name wouldn’t be Phelps by any chance would it?? Seriously, these people have done ground breaking work and deserve all the help and support the LGBT community can offer for them for the work they do. They dont need to be told they should just tell gay men they’re not doing it how your ‘supposed to’.

  3. jenny honey, there are millions of men around the world who would rather put pins in their eyes than put their penis’s anywhere near a vagina…. i know this must be very difficult for you to deal with but not every man wants sex with YOU, now get over it! Jenny’s jealousy aside , this is excellent news. HPV, the virus that causes genital warts, can cause all kinds of other cancers, not just cervical or anal but mouth, throat and neck cancers ( because of exposure during oral sex.) I suppose none of this will concern Jenny though as she probably doesn’t even give “head”, thats if she’s managed to evoke any sexual interest from any straight man at all? unlikely if she’s so offended that gay men won’t sleep with her!

  4. I am happy that Jenny G has voiced her opinion because we need to know what people think. However, she is stating it in a scolding attitude. Many people will see her as ignorant, depending on her age. It is a narrow, untravelled view she holds. We must watch that she does not get into a position of power because she finds the concepts of diversity difficult.

  5. “If penis’ were put where they are supposed to go (in vaginas not rectums then there would be no need for anal tests.”

    What a damn idiotic thing to think or say. This Jenny person is simply stupid. Penis have been going in vaginas since the dawn of civilisation and as a result there has been an unending history of sexually-transmitted diseases – not only in vaginas either, but also in women’s botties!

  6. LGBT Cancer 12 Nov 2008, 2:33pm

    Gay men are at risk of anal cancer. We see many men presenting with anal cancer in our support groups and, writing to us at our website Good that we are developing research to determine the utility of anal cancer examinations.

  7. Obviously this article is a PR piece designed to evoke a positive acceptance of Merck’s new wonder drug. This drug was given a green light after 6 months of testing, and what this article fails to mention are the thousands of adverse reactions including death that have been reported and are on record with the CDC.

    Also since no screening is being done it turns out the vaccine triggers warts and outbreaks in girls already exposed. there are also questions raised that Gardisil may in fact cause cancer and infertility. But the drug companies, in this case Merck will decieve the public …again for the $$$ hundreds of millions. remember deadly Vioxx the ather failed Merck product…same marketing. Merck attempts to Profit from this bogus Medicine by pursuing mandatory vaccination of young children with this drug.

    do your homework…

  8. Jenny Graham 15 Dec 2008, 5:04am

    Hi, it’s Jenny here again.
    I have a bit of time to spare so just thought I’d reply.
    I realise my post was put in a terribly rude and crude way but this is my main beef.
    I am sick and tired of homosexual men and lesbians trying to tell society that gay lifestyles are normal and we should accept it as normal.
    It is not normal. If it was then same sexes could procreate together.
    I would just love to hear a gay organization say: “We know that homosexuality isn’t normal but we are here and want to live in society with you.”
    Can you not acknowledge the family, you know Mum and Dad (man and woman) as being the normal
    Can anyone see my point of view?

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