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Theatre group put Iris Robinson’s ‘gay cure’ outburst to artistic use

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  1. Ms. Robinson, if one wants to quote the teachings from Leviticus then one ought to use/quote them all.

    Leviticus: 19:19 “…do not wear clothing woven of two kinds of material”. According to this, everyone in the world is going to Hell!

    there are other verses like this too, which do not make sense in the modern world.

    According to you, maybe I am going to Hell and you are going to Heaven, but at least, I will enjoy myself getting there and then, when I am there, I will never have to hear/see you again!


  2. Simon Murphy 11 Nov 2008, 12:35pm

    The police in Northern Ireland have completely ignored the hundreds of complaints by gay people about Robinson’s promotion of hatred against gay people. Gay people are not deemed worthy of police protection in Northern Ireland. A gay man however was summoned to the police for interviews under threats of arrest for comments he made about Robinson – using the SAME hate crimes legislation. Typical police double standards. Why not write to the police in Northern Ireland to ask them why Robinson is allowed to get away with vicious bigotry but gay people are threatened with arrest for responding. Their email address is . The inspector who is (not)dealing with the complaints of Robinson’s homophobia is called Jeremy Adams. His email address is

  3. john wilfred sharp 13 Nov 2008, 8:20am

    we will never get sense into religious bigots
    their hate is as strong as there love for the word.
    words of hatred should be banned by the law and punished accordingly.
    i France i already have filed a lawsuit against the bible and the Koran for violations of the law the case is still under review. for me all hateful religions should be outlawed

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