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Roman Catholic thinking on homosexuality – “a type of wound”

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  1. I think the sentence which says that candidates must have a sense of their own masculine identity pretty well sums up what these mumbo-jumbo pedalling idiots really know about Gay men.

  2. When you read what they say about us, using phrases like “type of deviation, a type of irregularity” and “that something isn’t right in the psyche of such a man” you could be forgiven in thinking that this was written by an insane person. The hypocrisy is as ironic as an Alanis Morissette song.

  3. This statement needs to published everywhere! It can only damage the Catholic Church and is so distinct from scientific opinion and general experience – it just shows the prejudiced and hate-filled ignorance and arrogance of the institution.

    I didn’t now realise that the church considered themselves qualified to be God’s psychotherapists – and, in fact, speaking as a person who uses psythotherapy literature at Doctoral level and in teaching on Masters Degrees – I claim that it is actually fundamentalist religious thinking that is neurotic, dangerous and harmful to our health.

    As ever, I must remember the very large group of people of all faiths: Christian, Jew, Muslim etc.. who hold moderate views and actually accept the evidence of human experience when they conclude that LGBT is a natural phenomemna and to be embraced. These people are different in their healthy views compared to a bunch of right-wing fascist hate-mongers, mentioned earlier.

  4. Erroll Clements 10 Nov 2008, 4:11pm

    Right, so Roman Catholic priests are so called celibate, but they play with little children! As for the masculine identity, what crap, I think that you will find that the majority of gay men have more masculine bodies and look after themselves alot better than their hetrosexual counterparts. We don’t all go round with limp wrists !

  5. Well, now we know. “Objectively disordered”, psychologically flawed, deviants, irregular – not normal and so say the man in a frock and red Prada shoes? Whatever happened to “we are ALL made in the image and likeness of God?”
    Of course they have no objective proof of any of this. It’s like Limbo, just made up.
    If they were not serious it could pass as a sick joke. But they are very serious. Beware the religious “right” of all faiths. They hate gays from the bottom of their evil hearts.

  6. Kenneth Zammit Tabona 10 Nov 2008, 5:00pm

    I am gobsmacked.Alpha males dripping hetero testosterone wearing lace and silk in the hallowed halls of the Vatican; so baroque an image could not have been dreamt up by Fellini! Not even metrosexuals need apply just in case! Cloistered nuns had better watch out and trim their moustaches as they are going to be under serious threat as the new totally hetero priests ravish them in an indiscriminate and libidinous outburst. The Catholic Church has really shot itself in the foot this time.Soon there will be no priests left and the ones who are will have to cut their penises off like the priests of Cybele did in the Middle East in ancient times.
    For almost two millennia the Catholic Church has been a safe haven for many homosexual men who dedicated their life to God as they found that they could not dedicate it to a family. It was not their fault. Exclude these men from the priesthood and wave goodbye to all ritual, ceremony, style and beauty with which the Catholic Church has been head and shoulders above all others.
    The Vatican I am afraid has gone quite mad.

    I was born a Catholic but now I prefer to be a Christian. As for Italy being under the Pope’s thumb, try little Malta. All we need to do is place our Archbishop as Head of State!

  7. Terry Floyd Johnson 10 Nov 2008, 5:26pm

    This is just further spin, the Catholic Church and the Pope are doing to erase from the minds of the world, and their parishoners, to hide their own predilecticans of being child molesters.

    The Catholic Church tried to spin their own sins, of child molestation upon gays, become rabid in their pronouncements of how evil gays were for child molesting. One priest, may have been gay; all the others identified as straight.

    The Catholic Church is a gay/bi hating, pedegogal church- which shouldn’t be allowed to function. Its primary output, greed and hatred, if not at the gays; at other groups.

    The Pope is nothing but a little despot, who’s flaming hatred of gays, shows inability to love others, who wants to throw out gays from a church who says it practices love, and is the most criminally acting church, by its untold march and want of gold and power.

    The world should end the Vatican; tear it down; give its treasures and knowledge to parishes around the world, allow the parishes to be the soul of the church rather than a fat cat Vatican, who works to increase its power and wealth, rather than save souls, and be there for their congregations.

    The Pope is a true symbol of everything that is evil in those who want only what is best for themselves, rather than for the people they don’t serve.

  8. Cardinal Ratzinger is a disciple for Hitler – brainwashed in his childhood as a Hitler youth ,this vile man is a travesty of a Christian.The Roman Catholic church has fallen on bad times.This Papacy will stink down the ages.The problem is that these attitudes are contaminating the Church of England.Gays & Lesbians have never resorted to the bomb and the bullet to gain their freedom from persecution & their rightful place in society – let us hope they never will.Ratzinger is shaving the margin wafer thin – evil man that he is.

  9. Rob Alexander 10 Nov 2008, 6:36pm

    Let’s hope this stupid and self-defeating nonsense succeeds in saving any young person who may be thinking of a career in the Catholic Church.

  10. James Lees 10 Nov 2008, 6:36pm

    We don’t need to react to all this stuff – let them carry on and wreck themselves. The more of this sort of thing, the better. They will disappear under the weight of their own drivel, be laughed off the face of the earth.

  11. Peter Piper 10 Nov 2008, 7:34pm

    Will all this nonsense apply to exisitng priests, bishops and cardinals? If so we can expect a mass exodus that will leave the ministry deuded.

  12. Roman Catholic thinking. An oxymoron. End of.

  13. Joseph Carmel Chetcuti 10 Nov 2008, 9:06pm

    I totally agree with the test. Furthermore, I think it most appropriate that the present pope and his enctourage of gorgeous cardinals should submit to the psychological test to be administered by a non-catholic organisation. I think the test should include questions such as (a) do I wear prada or prada look alike shoes?, (b) do I like wearing funny red hats for Christmas?, (c) do I enjoy being surrounded by pretty swiss guards?, and (d) am I a liturgical fashionista? If the test is good enough for those seeking to enter the priesthood, it is good enough for their very camp leaders. Nanna Benedetta should lead by example. Oh, do not take offence. Pope St Pius X was called “mamma” by prelates.

    I spent four years in the religious life and meeting god incarnate is more probable than coming across a heterosexual Roman Catholic priest.


  14. The Roman Empire is alive and well! The Palace remains as the Vatican, the Emporer – the Pope, and the official Government Seat is the Vatican State! Overturning the Roman Empire is long overdue! Sadly too many people around the world have been brainwashed to not allow this to happen!!

  15. Quelle surprise! – more venomous falsehoods & devious misdirection from Kommandant Ratzinger and his dissimulating lackeys at the Vatican.

    Joachim Kahl (Ex Lutheran pastor) on the mystification of ‘Authority’ in the New Testament:

    “[Christians] ought to ask themselves more radically than they have in the past why it is that the overwhelming majority of Christians have always allied themselves, with every possible form of nationalism, anti-semitism, fascism and anti-communism. This has not happened by chance. There is a logical process at work here from which not even [progressive theologians] have been able to escape.”
    — Joachim Kahl, ‘The Misery of Christianity’

  16. Homosexuality is deviant. The body proclaims it.

  17. Surely finding the paedophiles is more important although from this report it would appear to be less so!

  18. What a slap in the face for all the faithful gay serving priests! They should do a mass walk-out, that’d empty the parishes and monasteries and bring an end to the cultic priesthood quicker even than this cardinal’s words are likely to.

  19. PS. Is Ratzinger going to leave then? Surely a closetted old queen.

  20. Did Jesus Christ so only men could be priests? I thought that was all St Pauls doing. I couldn’t agree more with those comments on the Baroque, opulent, silk and lace, pretty swiss guards and other really “Macho” aspects of the Vatican(!) Yet again we are under attack from the Arch Homophobe of Rome who would possibly like to finish us off like his erstwhile Furher! Heil Ratzinger.

  21. Christopher Hitchens once said [to paraphrase] “some pronouncements don’t need to be mocked, merely repeated.” i think this is one of those…

  22. Robert, ex-pat Brit 11 Nov 2008, 1:03pm

    “It’s not simply a question of observing celibacy as such. In this case, it would be a heterosexual tendency, a normal tendency.”

    So then the Roman cult needs to explain just exactly what is the “tendency” in heterosexual candidates or clergy who molest girls as well as those who philander with women on the side while claiming heterosexual is “normal”? Huh? You can bet that the catholic authorities involved with this are catholic psychiatrists and psychologists with a bias against gays and you can bet that no non-catholic experts in the field with opposing views would have been given any role in this. This is going to bring about the eventual demise of catholicism and that’s a good thing because without sufficient numbers of priests, it can’t exist. Long may it continue to rot on the vine.

  23. Ray Clark- “Homosexuality is deviant. The body proclaims it.”

    No one else seems to have picked up on this remark. Ray could you elaborate further on your statement please, addressing the following questions:

    >Homosexuality is deviant from what? Says who? On what authority?
    >On what evidence is your assertion based?
    >How does the body proclaim that homosexuality is deviant when whats known as the male ‘G Spot’ (the prostate gland) is located just inside the anus?
    >If it was not meant for sexual pleasure why would God design it so that when stimulated it causes sexual pleasure? Or do you assert that God did not design the prostate gland or decide to place it within easy reach?
    >Once again, apart from a book written 2000 years ago and based on 1st century understandings, or lack thereof, of science, medicine, physiology, human sexuality, psychology, etc, and that seemingly advocates sexual slavery, murder & child abuse, what is the double blind, tried and tested, factual evidence for your statement?

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