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Exclusive: UK government minister challenged Jamaican PM about homophobia

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Reader comments

  1. Good for him and on those grounds any LGBT folk fleeing the country should be granted asylum, as should folk from anywhere else.

  2. 70% of Jamaicans do not believe that gay men and lesbians should be granted equal rights, the island-wide poll found. Not as high a percentage as an open vote from UK residents would be, 90-95% probably.

  3. Yeah, and we all know what part of the body you’re talking from…

  4. Just like the homophobic churches who should be concentrating on sticking to ministering to the poor and needy and not attacking gays all the time, the Jamacian PM should sort out the yardies and the other violent drug gangs in his own country before picking on the gays!

  5. Anonanon- i’m guessing you don’t work for any polling organisation then. Most of the polls I hear are at least 50/50 in favour of equal rights. Argument from personal bigotry doesn’t constitute a balanced survey.
    I am glad people like Gareth Thomas are out there arguing for the cause, though I suspect he has his work cut out with 70% homophobes amongst the electorate. Still, got to start somewhere.

  6. Simon Murphy 10 Nov 2008, 12:42pm

    If Jamaica is a member of the Commonwealth does that mean that the British government gives the evil regime of the PM money on a yearly basis. If so then this money needs to be halted immediately. Those Jamaican bigots shouldn’t be getting a penny when their PM is a facist thug.

  7. BrockleyBoi 10 Nov 2008, 12:44pm

    I’m astonished that as many at 70% of Jamaicans do not believe that gay men and lesbians should be granted equal rights, in the island-wide poll. I won’t be booking my ticket anytime soon!

    And I am sorry Anonanon, but when several International Human Rights Organisations describe the country as one of the most homophobic places in the world, you cannot attempt to divert attention away from the issue by pointing a finger at the UK. This speaks volumes about an unenlightened and under educated views of the population. It reminds me of a cartoon I saw a few years back in a national paper in which the then leader of Iraq was informed by his right hand man that ‘the rest of the world is now isolated’! It would be equally funny if it wasn’t so sad and that real lives are being impacted and sometimes harmed by these views.

    Who are the movers, shakers and opinion informers over there? What are their motives?

  8. BrockleyBoi – Anonanon has previous form as a homophobic troll, so I would put his stats on homophobia in the UK down to wishful thinking rather than social awareness. BTW liked your quote though!

  9. Bruce Golding is a bastard!!!! His stance is only a show of denial of who he really is.

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