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It is time to take back the church says Stonewall’s Hero of the Year, Bishop Gene Robinson

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Reader comments

  1. “We learnt that with using Scripture to justify slavery, we learned it when Scripture was used to subjugate and denigrate women, and now we will learn that we also got it wrong about LGBT people”.Slavery and the denigration of women were atrocious acts against normal human beings. LGBT are not normal human beings!!!

  2. No, Gene Robinson is merely helping christian superstition re-invent itself, as it has done from the moment Paul of Tarsus’ ink was dry.

    No doubt in 200 years, christianity will claim itself to be the protector of all gay people – and the people who really fought for change like peter tatchell etc will be airbrushed out of history in favour of Mr. Robinson, just like all the credit for racial equality goes to Martin Luther King, and the heroic deeds, such as the openly gay Bayard Rustin, and J Philip Randolph are completely forgotten.

    Change will come – but only because of the growing tendency to secularism, and people who reject stupid teachings such as loving enemies – an extremely immoral action – and fight for equality. The fastest growing belief group in the USA is non-belief. And it is only on this continuing trend, that gay emancipation can truly pin its hopes.

    While ever we venerate sacred texts, there always lies the temptation to evil, contained elsewhere in the bible. People like Robinson make it alright to ridiculous, sometimes poisonous beliefs without evidence.

    So no, to hell with Gene Robinson. This is a ridiculous award for a proponent of an ideology whose time has long gone.

  3. Well said Adrian-T

  4. “LGBT” are not normal human beings? Pardon me???

  5. Simon Murphy 10 Nov 2008, 2:58pm

    Christianity is a load of old fiction. Good for Robinson if he is willing to fight the homophobia of people who base their lives on a work of fiction. The struggle for the rest of gay people is to prevent these religious cults from poisoning the lives of their opponents.

  6. Anonanon – LGBT are not normal? Oh you mean ‘usual’! Easy mistake to make… in the same way you might say that ginger headed people aren’t usual human beings, but that doesn’t make them sub-human now does it?
    And though I sympathise with Adrian’s view, I would add that we’re in danger of preaching to the choir there. So long as equality is achieved, I’m not so fussed how we get there. Realistically a Bishop saying gay is OK will carry more clout amongst the fundie crowd than an atheist like myself. Perhaps that shouldn’t be so, but then it’s not a perfect world.

  7. You will win the gay civil / human rights battle for real when you get the good religious people – and there are lots of them, on your side. Example – 94% of Catholics use artificial birth control methods, ignoring the church which says they shouldn’t do such a thing, while the church hides its pedophiles for generations. And lots of Catholics support Civil Unions for gay people, though they see “marriage” as a religious term and don’t want changes forced on their church.

    Gene Robinson’s ordination will prove to be one of the signature moments in ending homophobia. 90% of the US anglican church will be liberal and fully supportive of gay people, while the traditionalists can all go you know where. People should not be doing what Adrian T said. I may agree with him, eg religion is the bane of humanity, but I will, and we all should respect the rights of good religious people to their beliefs. And we should respect the rights of the bigoted, who are led by religious psychopaths whose only goal is power and money, while we work to bring their believers over to what Christ’s life, whether he was deity or not ( I see him as a good man and social worker) stood for in his time, and still is a message of right, not wrong.

    As the old saying goes, you catch a lot more flies with honey then with vinegar.

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