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“Gay cure” MP Iris Robinson voted Bigot of the Year at Stonewall Awards

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Reader comments

  1. Sarah Brown 7 Nov 2008, 8:22am

    “A group of around 70 trans protesters gathered outside the event to protest the nomination of Julie Bindel as Journalist of the Year.”

    There were a lot more of us than that. People *were* counting, and at its peak there were around 150 of us.

    The Bindel Supporters Club demonstration was easy to count by comparison – there were twelve of them, and they wandered off looking a bit sorry for themselves (possibly after having an, “Oh dear, how did we get to be the bad guys?” moment), declining our invitation to “Come and join us, come and join us, come and join us down the pub!”

  2. Natacha Kennedy 7 Nov 2008, 9:22am

    As demo organiser, I kept a count on numbers for safety reasons and there were just over 150 people there at its peak.


  3. Why wasn’t Julie Bindel nominated for Bigot of the Year? She shares Iris Robinson’s views on ‘curing’ people through therapy of their sexual identity, only directed towards transsexual people. She (Bindel) may have had a better chance of winning a Stonewall award in this category.

  4. Six months on from her hate filled language….and scores of formal complaint of a criminal offence to the police…what has been done…NOTHING!!!!! they the police can’t decide what to do. Contrast this with the treatment of a gay constituent, who after speaking privately with Iris, had allegations made against him by her, the police were very quick to threaten his arrest unless he came in to be interviewed.

  5. “A group of around 70 trans protesters gathered outside the event to protest the nomination of Julie Bindel as Journalist of the Year.”

    But you haven’t told people why we were there have you Pinknews? Surely you could have stretched to another paragraph explaining that Julie Bindel is Transphobic and has caused huge upset in the trans community, how difficult would that have been?

  6. I wonder what award she got? At the very least Stonewall could have put its hand in its pocket and sent her some vouchers to see a good dentist.

  7. Surely Julie Bindel should have been up for the award Bigot of the Year, rather than as journalist? She supports very much the same line of bigotry as Iris Robinson in proposing people can be ‘cured’ of their gender identity by therapy. Only in Bindel’s case it’s aimed at transsexual people.
    But never mind the winners, the biggest loser from this event are Stonewall for supporting Bindel’s nomination in the first place. They have lost my respect – and money.

  8. Sounds like Stonewall needs to get it’s own house in order before labeling others as bigots.
    If you can’t take your transgendered constituents seriously it doesn’t give LGBT solidarity a good name. Shape up dammit!

  9. Hey folks….how about focusing on an MP who thinks everyone of us is vile and disgusting, that we should continue to suffer prejudice and that what we are and do is the same in terms of its abhorrence to her and society as child sexual child abuse!!!!

  10. Hey guys how about focusing on the British MP who thinks we are all vile and disgusting, that we should continue to experience discrimination and that who we are and what we do is on a par with sexually abusing children!!!

  11. Trisha Dee 7 Nov 2008, 12:31pm

    There is much to be admired about Julie Bindel and it would be wrong for me as a transgendered person to ignore that. Her work in the area of male violence against women speaks for itself. She has expressed a desire for dialogue with at least some of the transgendered community and I applaude that. However, at it stands, her beliefs marginalise the transgendered. I was at the protest because Stonewall’s support for her disenfranchises me in two ways – as a bisexual and as a transgendered person. Stonewall have to answer out rallying cry last night – ‘Where’s the T in LGB’

  12. How appropriate that Iris should think she is the victim of a witchhunt … she sure as hell wouldn’t the the subject of an angelhunt!!!
    Ultimately this sad woman is more to be pitied than scorned, although it is SO easy to scorn her.
    The REALLY serious question are
    1. WHEN WILL THE POLICE COMPLETE THEIR INVESTIGATIONS INTO THE COMPLAINTS ABOUT HER PUBLIC STATEMENTS [there can seldom have been an easier investigationS to conduct] and


  13. Shame Stonewall didn’t have a ‘hypocrite of the year award’ they would have won hands down! Well done to the many people who turned out to protest against stonewall. It is most certainly a time for change.

  14. Kimberley Whittaker 7 Nov 2008, 8:10pm

    There were a number of embarrassed and sheepish faces outside the V&A last night, none more so than “The Julie Bindell Fan club”, all Twelve of them at their peak, when they realised our protest wasn’t aimed directly at her, but at Stonewalls hypocrisy in supporting her nomination.

    JB and her supporters go on and on about her comments made in 2004, which she says she apologised about. The fact is she didn’t apologise for her comments, nor did she retract them (hasn’t done since either), she simply apologised for “the tone” of her comments. But most importantly she seems to conveniently forget forget about her comments made in November 2007.

    To be frank, I’m sick to death of seeing so many “so called” LGBT groups getting public funding for equality, diversity and other LGBT issues, but never see them concentrate their efforts on the ONE section of LGBT which is still heavily stigmatised and discriminated against. You shame us (the T in LGBT) and shame yourselves even further with your continued refusal to address our issues properly, Quite Frankly Stonewalls attitude toward Trans people stinks. They are nothing more than a money grabbing (and some of that money is ours by default) hypocritical publicity machine who have shown they actively support Transphobia, irrespective of what they, rather hurriedly and belatedly put on their website home page the other day.

    Would they have supported the nomination of a known racist gay or lesbian journalist ?

    No way ibn the world would they have done so. So why support the nomination of a proven Transphobe like Julie Bindell ?

    Except of course to ram home the point they care nothing for trans people and the problems and issues we face in every day life.

    Las nights demonstration was just the start of showing up Stonewalls hypocrisy, the next step will be to pressurise all the organisations who donate to them.

    We simply cannot and will not allow Stonewall to get away with this.

    They may have short memories but the Trans community doesn’t.

  15. Maybe people are beginning to finally understand the T in LGBT is simply for political convenience and the hoovering up of funds and grants for the special ‘trans’ people.
    You know who I mean! Where was PFC and Gires at the demonstration?
    T is concerned with Identity, not sexual orientation. Many transsexual men and women consider themselves to be ‘straight’ so why are they tacked on to a homosexual grouping that doesn’t understand transsexuals and frankly doesn’t respect them? If a transsexual person DOES consider themselves LG or B then fine, they belong already! They don’t need a special ‘add on’ like coloureds at the back of the bus.
    As for people like Bindel. In her eyes some people will never be gay enough or, feminine enough or manly enough. She’s a frivolous distraction to the debate. Her views mean nothing. Ignore her.

  16. theotherhalf 8 Nov 2008, 1:04am

    ‘She has expressed a desire for dialogue with at least some of the transgendered community’

    i sent her an email after the ‘mutilation’ piece in the Guardian asking if she was willing to enter into a discussion of her views and how they could be reinterpreted as thamself misogynistic and homophobic/ transphobic using the tools gifted us by Post Modernism. I stated that i myself was unhappy with the clinical diagnosis of ‘Gender Identity Disorder’, that i myself disagreed with the label of ‘Transgender’ as I disagreed with the binary gender system…

    She still hasn’t got back.

    I suppose she’s busy.

  17. MichalTGO 8 Nov 2008, 1:50am

    I posted to this comment board this afternoon (Friday)re. the facts as reported. It appeared but has now disappeared. Why was that? If I have been censored I would like to know why

  18. Back in the mid nineties Pride changed its name to include transgender people, it did it on the basis that transgender people have always been at the heart of the original GAY rights movement. It recognised that transgender people are people who challenge ‘traditional’ assumptions about gender, that this includes drag queens, crossdressers, butch women, androgynes, drag kings, transvestites, ftM and m2F transexuals and numerous other labels such as the more recent gender queer.

    Pride in the 1990’s recognised what other groups have been growing in their understanding of. That being trans is often intrinsic to what most people think of as GAY. Whilst their are many homosexual and bisexual people who are closeted in every day life only out in bed and bar, the GAY rights movement was about being open about who you are whether your a straight acting woman or the only gay in the village.

    Pride recognised that it was trans people who kicked off the GAY rights movement in america. It was a transexual man who had funded the matachine society and daughters of bilitis. It was the attack on a transgender bar called STONEWALL that kicked off GAY pride. In the UK Transgender people were significant in early GLF marches. When straight acting homosexuals were screaming hate at GLF marches it was transgender people – people who couldn’t hide, who also who took the brunt of the beatings and killings. Transgender people have been intrinsic to GAY pride, Lesbian and Gay pride and LGBT pride since WE as a community came OUT of the closet.*

    *you know the one where gay men and butch women used to DRAG UP in!

  19. oops slight correction re: stonewall riots

    stonewall was a transgender bar. The stonewall riots happened because the Police came looking for their payoff to stop them from closing the bar down. When a transgender person wasn’t subservient enough they tried to arrest them in the bar. The other transgender be they Homo/bisexual or straight people in the bar objected and started throwing coins at the police offering them a PAY-OFF to F-OFF. The Police tried to drag the transgender person from the bar, and the patrons fought back. The Police called for reinforcements and people from the stonewall and other bars fought back – so started the stoenwall riots and the start of GAY PRIDE!!

  20. Let’s not forget the Comptons Cafe Riot, Big Kate. Trans folk in that one had already got the T-shirt before Stonewall came along.

  21. Anyway, any chance of volunteering to give ol wotserface Robinson the award personally? Promise I’ll be gentle

  22. What a complete waste of time. This woman feels she has done absolutely nothing wrong. What impact is winning Bigot of the Year going to have on her? None whatsoever. If anything it will endear her further to the far right religious nut jobs of every denomination as their poster girl who takes the flak for publicly saying what they froth at the mouth over in private.

    Removing this offending creature from public office or gagging her from inciting further hatred is going to take far more than a stonewall award. With her seemingly teflon exterior and the unwillingness of any public body to hold her to account I’m damned if i know the answer.

  23. Neil – Might I suggest recommending a lovely psychotherapist who could cure her of her Irish catholicism/ heterosexuality after telling her her beliefs are an abomination? Or is that one way traffic?

  24. “cure her of her Irish catholicism” … Oh boy, Flapjack – she’s gonna love that lol:) Those are the two qualities that she hates more than us queers. She is adamantly British Presbyterian. Hehe…

  25. Sandalphon 14 Nov 2008, 4:46pm

    What all the media have failed to pick up on in her comments is that she is saying that sexually abusing children is not so vile as being homosexual. So, this to some extent is saying it is better to sexually assault a child in the eyes of her God.

  26. Sandalphon 14 Nov 2008, 4:53pm

    P.S. to IRIS ROBINSON, not that she will read it. Lady, I watch eastenders, coronation street, emerdale, not because i like them, but because they remind me that it is not homosexuals that need curing, it is bigots like you. If I have to behave like a heterosexual portrayed in most soap operas, then you can stuff the cure right up your nose.

  27. Bill Perdue 14 Nov 2008, 6:10pm

    When Sinn Féin wins they’ll know what to do with anti-Irish, anti-GLBT vermin like the leaders of the Tory’s little cousins, tehe DUP.

  28. Sandalphon 14 Nov 2008, 7:58pm

    Everyone, especially Iris Robinson, should read this and then think again and address their own problems before picking on innocent people.,015.pdf+statistics+for+heterosexuals+that+indulge+in+anal+intercourse&hl=en&ct=clnk&cd=3&client=safari

  29. must be hard to pick bigot of the year since 95% of people oppose homosexual behavior ( sodomy and other unnatural sex acts).

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