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Trans protest at Stonewall Awards faces feminist counter-demo

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Reader comments

  1. theotherhalf 6 Nov 2008, 5:02pm

    feminist violence against Transpeople? Nothing new there then.

    Protest? I usually find it ends in threats and (if you don’t go away) violence.

  2. There’s an important word missing from start of that “feminists plan a counter-demonstration” caption — “transphobic”. People who subscribe to oppressive socialist-feminist analysis reflect only a single strand of feminism, there are trans-friendly liberal feminists – and indeed some of those are trans people themselves.

  3. Huh! *I’m* a feminist, and I’m not a *transphobe!*

  4. And Jen? I’m a socialist feminist. Okay, a sixteen year old one, but definitely not a transphobe. Very few are. Perhaps you were thinking of “radical” “feminists” like Janice Raymond etc?

  5. Christina Engela 6 Nov 2008, 9:25pm

    Bindell is a disgusting bigot who demonstrates the same level of understanding and compassion for trans people that straight bigots demonstrate for all GLBT. Apologies from her mean nothing at all if not accompanied by retractions of her hate speech and ignorant rantings. All she is saying is “i’m sorry, but i’m still right and you trannies belong in an ex-gay/tranny rubber room”!

    She clearly demonstrates as much ignorance of what it is to be trans as what heterosexuals understand it is to be gay. And worse, she revels in persecution and bigotry of us through her ignorance!

    The protests against her award are not directed against lesbians or feminists – (I too am a feminist) but against the blatantly obvious transphobia demonstrated by her and those who support her.

    She claims that transgedendered folk are somehow mistakenly helping to reinforce a socially imposed gender binary – when in fact it is she who is guilty of this herself by criticizing us through her own definitions of what it is to be male, female, gay or lesbian – or feminist! As far as she is concerned you are either one or the other and nobody has the right to blend or blur the neat ordered little divisions in her black and white little world.

    The Stonewall UK award in recognition for her work in breaking down barriers for “the third sex” in society through her journalistic (transphobic) advocacy in print and in the visual media is a slap in the face for all of us, let alone the trans community! Why not send an award to James Dobson while you are at it? It is the same thing!

    Christina Engela, South Africa

  6. Stonewall? Stonefaced more like. Last time I dip into my pocket for them

  7. I’d never read anything by Julie Bindel, but this article on Pink News made me search out ‘Gender Benders, Beware’. I couldn’t believe the ignorance of the woman. Utterly astounding, and crass ignorance at that, with it’s aggressive and dismissive language. I can’t understand why she got an award at all. She represents evrything that’s bad about feminists in my opinion. But don’t get me started on *some* feminists (apologies to the decent ones who’ve posted above).

  8. Her opinions on transsexuality have absolutely nothing to do with feminism, and everything to do with classic right-wing bigotry of the “ew, trannies are sick” variety. Dressing it up in a very very thin layer of “feminist” gloss means nothing, and it’s staggering that people fall for it time and again. So much radical feminism is nothing but a really sneaky way to be reactionary and right-wing.

  9. The trouble is that it’s not just words. If words meant nothing in real terms and had no impact on people’s lives then Ms Bindel could carry on spouting ignorant transphobia until she’s blue in the face for all I’d care. History shows us that it doesn’t work like this. With the publication of Janice Raymond’s “The Transsexual Empire” back in the late 70’s there came a wave of violence right through the 80’s by radical separatists against transpeople. What we fear – and we have every reason to fear it – is that honouring a person with such views will provide a measure of impetus to a similar campaign of outrages in the 21st century.

    Can the radical separatist feminists assure us that none within their ranks still harbour ambitions of war against us?

  10. Thank you Iris for your comments and doing that reading.

    I can assure you that most trans people have no issues at all with feminists… crikey theres a good few of us that share the same views of oppression… we have held out the hand to Bindel, we have offered to explain to her… but she would prefer to hold her ground, shes stone aged, many lesbians have had enough of her… the best thing we can all do with Bindel is turn our backs on her and ignore her, and never allow her to stand on a platform, like the NUS have voted to do…

  11. Ah yes i forgot, it was claimed over 100 trans people would come from around the country… and we did, even someone flew over from europe to be there… the big purple Julie Bindel banner was over the other side, with 12 people… that speaks volumes of the true support she has…

  12. Stonewall/Brickwall? Both speak silence when talked to.

  13. Absolut Queer 7 Nov 2008, 1:29pm

    Photos from the demonstrations- both sides here
    High Res photos released under Creative Commons for Non Commercial Use.

    The Protests were very different- There were about 150 Trans Supporters who kept up a happy, cheerful but targeted protest at Stonewall.

    The Counter protest was 8 people standing in silence who left early.

  14. Natacha Kennedy 7 Nov 2008, 1:51pm

    I would like to support what Denise has said above; Trans people actually support and agree with the overwhelming majority of feminism. We would very much like to initiate (or continue) dialogue with feminists. We are not enemies of feminism, far from it.

    A big thank you to all the 150 people who demonstrated peacefully.

  15. You’re very welcome, Denise :) Having read that article, I’m definitely no fan of Bindel. She sickens me. I just don’t get what her problem is. There was so much that was offensive in that article, I couldn’t even begin to comment on it. Who does she think she is to be judging and dictating to ANYONE?
    I’m very glad she didn’t appear to have much support in her counter-protest. (Thank you for the photos, Absolut Queer, btw.)

  16. I’d say more like 120-140, but there could well have been 150. Either way it’s twice the 70 the radical separatist feminists are estimating for us, and we were certainly not the “baying mob” that Ms Bindel called us on Facebook.

  17. theotherhalf 7 Nov 2008, 5:01pm

    I am a feminist.

    i have orginised Feminist events.

    I have raised money for Feminist Groups.

    i spent two weeks re-cataloging and indexing newspaper archives in a Women’s libery (before I was barred from the Library as a man and therefore a potential rapist.)

    I am, as Miss B would see it, a Counter Revolutionary.

    She must have a whole drawer full of Pick Axe handles for Trannies.

  18. I share a similarly revelatory experience about feminism as you, theotherhalf – disheartening; although nowhere near as serious.

    Not so long ago, I left a supportive comment about a post on a supposedly ‘feminist’ blog and its writer told me to “piss off”. I’m sure that if I hadn’t been openly trans, the blog owner/writer would have reacted towards me in a far less nasty, indeed much more positive way. After all, if that’s how she reacts when I agree with her – I wonder what she would have done had I disagreed with her, or even said something mean?!!!!

    I had previously, and in retrospect naively, assumed that feminist opposition to the trans community was purely academic in nature. Nope. It does unfortunately appear some of them really do hate us.

    Oh well, I guess that makes them equal to the chauvinists – who’d also regard us in pretty much the same way. Same diff…?

  19. theotherhalf 7 Nov 2008, 11:57pm


    Not all feminists, remember that, not all feminists…

    WBWOtypefeminists are as chauvinistic as any rapist. They’re a disgrace to Feminism and ‘Lesbian Feminists’ are a disgrace to all Lesbian/ Lesbian Identifying people.

  20. i’ve read several of julie bindel’s articles, and she sounds nothing but ignorant. she makes immature and ridiculous comments, such as ‘shoving a banana down your levis doesnt make you a man’, which is really fucking annoying. well done everyone for making the trans communities voices be heard, gutted i couldn’t be there!

  21. Some would argue that lesbians are not really women.As a bisexual man I am in total solidarity with trans people.

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