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Glenrothes by-election no longer make or break for Gordon Brown

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Reader comments

  1. theotherhalf 6 Nov 2008, 4:04pm

    I am SICK of this site being full of Labour propaganda.

    They’ll hold the seat? All the predictions are they will loose it and, frankly, the poles don’t say what you want them too:

    1. People trust Camaron not Brown to lead us out of ‘the economic crisis’

    2. Cameroon not Brown is seen as a leader capable of making decisive decisions

    3. People do not trust Brown but they trust Cameroon

    4. People overwhelmingly want to see change not stasis.

    these are all statistical analysis’s carried out on the poll that found a 2% swing to Labour. Labour have had a ‘Dead Cat Bounce,’ a slight rallying of the price of their stock before the plunge into bankruptcy.

  2. all opinon mate, all opinion

  3. theotherhalf 6 Nov 2008, 4:47pm

    no, all fact.

    i’d sugest you read the Telegraph’s breakdown of the Poll results and you’ll see it’s not opinion.

    As to the other points i made: the Iman calling for the murder of Jews and homosexuals was reported here, there are still strikes ongoing in the Public Sector, Amnesty International will give you lots of information regarding how Asians are treated in this country and if you look on Liberty’s web site they will tell you just how dangerous ‘Religious Tolerance’ laws are.

  4. theotherhalf 6 Nov 2008, 5:05pm


    i was getting posts mixed up! That stuff about freedom of speech was on another story…

  5. John & Jim 6 Nov 2008, 5:49pm

    The SNP are utter scum and no friend to the gay community. They must be defeated at all costs. It may take tactical voting but it must happen. You only have to read the Natz and what they post on the newspaper message boards to realise that these people are fascists, racists and damned evil. It is no surprise that a recent Edinburgh University study showed that SNP voters have low IQ’s.

  6. I think “theotherhalf” that Glenrothes disagreed with your opinion…I’m not saying Lindsay Roy is good, as I have no idea if Lindsay will advocate our rights, or will be another religious bigot to smash us down. I do know that on balance Labour is the first party to refuse the church its usual exemptions from the law, and over our equality at that. NO party has EVER done that before (check out church exemption from working time regulations, and general heritage legislation for starters!)

    Maybe Lindsay will be good, maybe not, but I feel slightly more happy under a Labour than the others.

  7. Government. Labour Government.

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