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California’s same-sex couples assured their marriages are still legal

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Reader comments

  1. Robert, ex-pat Brit 6 Nov 2008, 5:12pm

    Just let the proponents try to invalidate marriages already performed. Hell will freeze over before that happens. They tried it in Massachusetts, didn’t work. They tried it in Canada under the conservative government of Harper, it failed, so will this. The only way to get it reversed is to legislate it without any possibility of a consitutional convention to amend the state constitution to ban marriage equality, just as Connecticut has recently done. It will succeed eventually, the tide is in our favor. In any radical change to laws, there are always setbacks. Having said that, the right wing neocons who made passage of prop. 8 legal contend that activist judges should not be dictating civil rights, then I suppose they must also try to reverse the civil rights conferred on black Americans back in the 60s, a decision that was made by the federal supreme court. Proposition 8 is about hate and bigotry, nothing more.

  2. Chris Lowry 7 Nov 2008, 4:42pm

    Its just so sad and so scary that as America takes a giant leap forwards toward a brighter future that it is taking a step back in time with this issue…

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