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Irish Catholic leaders ready for court challenge to civil partnerships

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  1. To all lapsed catholics out there: if we gay people feel so passionate about sending this twit a message, then we should formally leave the church (if you were baptised a catholic, that is). I have already done so. That is the clearest message you can send to the church’s hierarchy. Its easier than you think, a simple letter directly to the Archbishop, telling him you want to defect from the church as per your entitlement under Vatican II, give him some details as to where you were baptised, date of birth, etc, and that’s it, you’re no longer a catholic. Even a lapsed or non-practising catholic is still counted as a catholic and adds weight to this fool’s attack on us.

  2. Here’s a mischeivous idea… why not say “OK if you want ‘marriage’ to be exclusively between a man and a woman, we’ll just invent our own institution that straight people can’t subscribe to which affords us more legal rights, with a flashier ceremony and more mod cons! We’ll call this institution [answers on a postcard] and you can’t have one so there! If you can’t join them, beat them!

  3. As an Irish catholic i must say i am deeply ashamed that Cardinal Sean Brady has taken this route and i totaly agree with Senator David Norris when he accused the Cardinal of allying himself with Robert Mugabe and Ian Paisley. I wish Cardinal Sean Brady would confine himself to purly church matters and not stick his noise into secular state matters!!!

    The sooner we get this legisation in the better us here in the republic of Ireland!!!!

  4. Rob Alexander 6 Nov 2008, 8:42am

    The problem with the Catholic Church is that the liberals leave and the right-wing gain power and influence the hierarchy. Fortunately the right-wing tend to be older and eventually they will die off. That leaves the Church shrinking and less influential. The sooner they drop this centuries-old homophobia the better.

    If a Catholic priest or anyone else says that the Church is not anti-0gay, ask them for it in writing and check with his bishop…

  5. I hope the Irish people stand up tot he church of Rome and the Arch Homophobe who runs the show! Ireland has become a liberal democracy and deserves better than to be dragged back into th middle ages by the church!

  6. I’m sure the Irish will ignore the cardinal and move forward to full civil partnership rights, and who knows eventually “marriage” Ireland has come a hell of a way in the past 15 years, when i was in my twenties it was IILEGAL to be gay in the republic, no wonder all the gay bars in London were full of Irish guys! The irish people and government have shown themselves capable of ignoring the catholic church time and again, and i’m sure they will on this issue too! Good Luck to you!

  7. John Ford 6 Nov 2008, 4:30pm

    The arguments about gay marriage are going to run and run. There are those who see it as a blessed institution solely the business of a man and a woman etc. The Californian vote has proved that people are much more uncomfortable with gay marriage as opposed to partnership. (BTW I have never understood the argument that gay people are destroying the ‘instiution’ of marriage – how can you destroy a club you are not allowed to join?). But this attack in Ireland against even civil partnerships is unbelievably mean sprited of the church. Hopefully it will get nowhere.

  8. Oddly, in the space of a couple of weeks we have the Irish President calling for awareness to stop homophobic bullying in schools and now the biggest frock of all, a Cardinal, asking that Gays be denied a right. I think I know that the majority of Irish have liberalised their views against the harshness of a once powerful machine (ie Irish Church) that tried to destroy the innate and spirited love of life possessed by the Irish. I think the Cardinal has a bigger fight on his hands this time than he could have ever imagined.

  9. Following from what Will said:
    “To all lapsed catholics out there: if we gay people feel so passionate about sending this twit a message, then we should formally leave the church (if you were baptised a catholic, that is).”

    You can send your details and instructions about formally defecting to
    Cardinal Seán Brady
    Ara Coeli
    Cathedral Road
    Tel (028) 3752 2045 Fax (028) 3752 6182

    or via the Diocesan Secretary:
    Very Rev John Connolly – email:

  10. You poor irish people, it’s high time you joined the rest of the UK, and tell these homophobic, self apointed, “religious” bigots, to go take a jump.

  11. Alan C. In Shetland. 6 Nov 2008, 8:09pm

    There are probably more homosexuals inside the Catholic Church, than outside it, have you heard the saying? “methinks he doth protest too much”

  12. Alan C. In Shetland. 6 Nov 2008, 8:16pm

    There are probably more homosxuals inside the Catholic Church than outside it, are you familliar with the phrase “methinks he doth protest too much”?

  13. Since it was invented the catholic church has been a haven for gays who could not come out to their peers and family. Its called internalised homophobia, dont waste any energy on it, they are built that way. Just resist any and all attempts at power and influence.

  14. john wilfred sharp 7 Nov 2008, 2:34am

    ban all religions
    all they have to spread is hate

  15. Thanks Anders for that extra info.

    To all those Irish lapsed catholics who are gay… here’s your chance, leaving the church is the best message you can give, and its so bloody easy you’ll wonder why you didn’t before, not to mention how proud you will feel that you stand apart from these bigots who have nothing better to do but relentlessly persecute us.

    Lets face it, a gay man being a catholic, either practising or lapsed, is like a black man being a member of the KKK… its pointlessly to think it will change one day.

  16. I am happy that all these comments have been made! As a “lapsed” English RC, in a civil partnership with a “lapsed” Irish RC, I couldn’t agree more. The Cardinal may wish to stick to his supersticious ideals but , yes, I don’t think the Irish People as a wole are supporting his homophobic views!!

  17. This is all the doing of the Nazi in Rome.He is trying to pin the child-abuse problems of the Roman Catholic church around the world on the gay community.We should remind ourselves that the first priestly child abuse scandal originated in Eire with Father Brendan Smyth and that he abused girls and boys alike.The bogus and anachronistic impostion of chastity on Roman Catholic priests leads to the sexual distortion they are prone to.Only those with a deficient libido can survive and they may be freaks indeed.
    The other aspect of this Ratzinger-led ant-gay terror campaign is indeed the right wing of the Catholic Hierarchy – they wish to put the catholic congregations around thre word back in a state of fear of the Priest.The amusing aspect is the alliance of these Priests and the DUP in the North and the bigot-filth spouted by the Robinsons.

    I am one English Protestant who thanks God for the decency of Sinn Fein.

  18. Will makes a really good point here. If we don’t like it, don’t be in the club. I’m a non practising catholic, but I’m now thinking that’s not good enough, these people are spending too much time oppressing me and people like me. I assume the process is the same in the UK, contact the Archbishop?

  19. I believe Joe at No 13 is correct.

    Homophobia is probably the gay equivalent of heterosexual misogyny. But much worse when the homophob realises they have let their whole life pass them by. Little wonder they are so bitter.

    All the best.


  20. Robert, ex-pat Brit 11 Nov 2008, 8:00pm

    Is the Catholic church in Eire tax-exempt? If it is, maybe you should all start demanding the removal of it. Why should your hard-earned tax euros prop up an institution that discriminates and wants to legislate against you based on superstitious fears and hatred? Bash them back anyway you can and hurt them where it hurts most, in their coffers.

  21. You’d have to shut down all the public toilets in Eire to really “hurt them where it hurts most”.

    All the best,


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