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Gay marriage supporters refuse to concede defeat in California ballot

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  1. Give it up. You are living in Obama’s enlightened country now.
    I suggest you all move to Maryland. Maybe name it the gay state.

    Muscle Maryland even.

  2. mike amichetti 5 Nov 2008, 7:55pm

    All this crap about “protecting” the institution of marriage is just that–crap. If anyone was serious about “protecting” marriage, they wouldn’t be denying anyone the right to MARRY, they would be working to BAN DIVORCE. With a 50% divorce rate in this country, it’s obvious that at least half of those who are allowed access to this “sacred institution” see it as utterly and completely disposable the minute they fall for someone else. Furthermore, those working to deny gay men and lesbians the right to marry are like a bunch of selfish children who throw a tantrum when faced with the prospect of having to share their toys. I only wish some politician in California would have the courage tostand up for fairness by moving to strip all rights and benefits associated with marriage out of the California State Code–if those rights and benefits aren’t made available to everyone, then they shouldn’t be available to anyone.

  3. It’s a very disappointing setback for LGBT equality if Proposition 8 is passed, but with Barrack Obama now President Elect, I believe that this nasty piece of legislation will be overturned, one way or another. There will be anger, marches, protests and people in the streets over this. What happens to the same sex marriages that have already taken place in California?

    A setback , but there is still all to play for.

  4. One wonders if Mr Neal would have made the same sort of remarks to the people involved in the Civil Rights Movement in the 1960’s. Given that the tone of his comments are provocative and intended to be dismissive, we might remind him that we will overcome such religious based bigotry and hate, we will have equality before the law, and we will never give up the fight, never. It is only a matter of time before reason and law will prevail over bigotry, ignorance and religious beliefs that are as vicious as they are baseless.

  5. I wonder if this may not be a blessing in disguise? It looks like there may be good grounds for over-turning this on constitutional grounds (so I read elsewhere on here), but the issue seems to have really brought religious groups to over-step the mark and massively intervene in an essentially political issue using the financial advantage they obtain from being untaxed. This seems intrinsically unfair: effectively American tax-payers are supporting the ‘Yes’ vote even if they strongly oppose it. Hopefully someone will now launch a determined challenge on the tax status of those tax-exempt religions that have so blatantly entered into the political arena…

  6. Johnny:
    You give the impression that the civil rights movement actually won. You may now have a black president, but Racism is alive and well and living in the USA. Prejudice, bigotry and personal opinions well never be eradicated, just buried.

    America is a hotbed of religious right, who are on the whole, essentially good people that have been terribly misinformed. I genuinely don’t think they hate people. Unfortunately, stopping them being Christian is about as likely as stopping a homosexual being gay. That’s the way it is.

    I think the best argument is the one we use in UK. “Civil Partnerships” have no connection with marriage, and vis-a-vis no connection with the church, but they carry most of the same rights.
    Sometimes one has to nibble bits away rather than chop the lot down in a single blow.

  7. i genuinely wish johny, patrick and mike all the best! you’ve got a fight on your hands, but i think we in the UK should support you all the way. Yes we may be happy with civil partnerships here, i know i and my american partner are, and yes they are easier for politicians to achieve, and can confer all the same rights but it’s your fight over in the states. If you really want to hold out for gay marriage with no compromise, go for it, just expect it to be long and extremely messy along the way. I’ll be more than happy to eat my words if you get gay marriage at a federal level in the neext decade. Good Luck!

  8. While I *REALLY* do hope that the uncounted votes change the result of Prop 8 for Californians, there is part of me that says that if you ask The People in a referendum, you’ve got to abide by their decision. Otherwise what’s the point of a referendum?!

    Yes, hopefully a new measure will be put in place at a Federal level which would strip out all the bigotry at State level across the US. Prop 8 should have never gone to ballot. The issue of gay marriage never did go to ballot in Massachusetts, and it probably wouldn’t have become law if it had done. However, gay marriage is such a contentious issue in the USA and Obama has specifically stated that he is against legalising gay marriage. So the best we can hope for is some sort of civil partnership.

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