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Early results indicate California’s Prop 8 gay marriage ban could pass

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  1. “We can not face tomorrow morning with same-sex couples having had our right to marry eliminated because voters decided it was more important to get home and start dinner than to go vote,” Kate Kendell, executive director of the National Centre for Lesbian Rights, told ABC.”

    That is a stretch, implying the only way the proposition would pass is because it wasn’t an accurate accounting of voters. What a cop-out.

  2. Actually, it sounds more like shouldering responsibility to me. I guess we look for what we want to see.

  3. Not to mention its a very petty and insulting statement to make, as well as a clearly unfounded generalisation… well done, Ms. Kendell, on playing right into the hands of the the right wing nuts who already think we’re small minded militants.

  4. Tony Lambert 5 Nov 2008, 11:20am

    An angry lesbian…. they’re consistent if nothing else.

  5. This idea has been circulating for some time. For some people whose main preoccupation was the presidential election and who might have voted no to prop 8, once they knew Obama was elected, they were less motivated to go and cast their vote. This is indeed what might cost us to loose here. But let’s wait for the final results.

  6. Looks logic to me. For some people whose main preoccupation was the presidential election, the motivation to go and vote was gone once it was clear Obama was elected. They might have voted no to prop 8 had they been voting.

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