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Barack Obama elected President of the United States

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Reader comments

  1. hurray

  2. I am happy, my ancestors fought for this moment to come Congratulations to OBAMA I am proud to live this day as a African American!

  3. Congratulations to America! Good choice!
    Too bad that it is marred by gay marriage ban in 3 more states, including California :-(

  4. Steve Hope 5 Nov 2008, 8:56am

    Congratulations to the United States and to Barack Obama. I hope this heralds a new age of greater equality and inclusion at home and greater responsibility abroad.

  5. Agree with Alex – great news, the most liberal president in 30 years has just been elected, just a shame prop.8 had to come and rain on our parade. Any chance of a proposition 9 to counter it?

  6. “Iowa, a state that is more than 95% white”

    Hey, Maine’s the whitest state of all, and Obama absolutely crushed McCain here.

    Too bad Cali had to go and mar an otherwise perfect night by letting Prop 8 pass, but oh well. We won the most important victory of all, and it’ll mean more to our cause in the long run than defeating a single anti-gay proposition.

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