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New website supports parents worried about homophobic bullying

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Reader comments

  1. Jan Bridget 4 Nov 2008, 3:40pm

    Actually, I’m not impressed with the website – not to say there aren’ts some good things about it but I am very disappointed at the way there seem to be more ‘content’ on the disabled section but not on the ethnicity or sexual orientation section and there seems to be nothing about transphobic bullying.

    Also, it is as if there are only two agencies in England doing something about homophobic bullying – Stonewall and Each. There are many organisations out here tackling it. It is crucial that young LGBT people who are bullied are able to link up with any local LGBT youth group. But rarely is this information available. For a list of LGBT youth groups with websites and other resources and support see:

    For further information about tackling homophobic bullying including research, resources, links to other websites, see: