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Leading doctor suspended for sending gay hate letter

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Reader comments

  1. Its nice to know the president of a major medical organisation has such enlightened views. I wonder if he believes electro-shock therapy to be benificial for us?

  2. I suppose it’s good news but it won’t do much to change the man’s opinion. He won’t be able to be unhelpful to gays and lesbians for 12 months but in a year he will be back at it, being not only homophobic but also resentful. I suppose more permanent solutions should be considered… I’m not saying bar him for life but keep him on a short leash or something. This is not my domain, so I can’t really suggest a specific course of action but surely there must be other constructive solutions that can be thought of.

  3. theotherhalf 4 Nov 2008, 1:17pm

    I find it worrying too. Is this typical of Muslim doctors or just of Doctors in general?

  4. My concern is more that a person with his views was in that position. I’ve been treated by a number of doctors, including one who was muslim and gay, and I’ve never had a problem. (If anything, the Muslim doctor was more understanding and I now see him as my local GP) Its more disconcerting to think that that bigot was in a postion to strongly influence the advice people were recieving from the Council. Someone in such a position of trust abusing it like that does nothing to help build muslim/lgbt relationships. If anything its actively corroding them.

  5. Why wasn’t this man erased from the medical register, requiring his re application and vetting no sooner than the mandatory five years. I am personally aware of Doctors that have been, for what many would have considered lesser offences than incitement to hatred. When will the GMC get its priorities right? This decision panders to homophobia.

  6. I wonder whether Moslems will parade this as yet more “anti-Moslem” prejudice in the West. Still, IMO, the GMC didn’t go far enough – Dr. Siddiq should have been banned from medical practice. No action will change a homophobe’s mind, but the latter action sends a clear message.

  7. Bill Perdue 4 Nov 2008, 7:21pm

    The most disturbing thing is we have to wonder what crimes religious madmen like Siddiq have committed, because he’s certainly capable of it.

    His penalties don’t begin to address his crimes, and make no mistake, they’re crimes, not indiscretions. He should be thoroughly investigated by special prosecutors approved by the GLBT community to look at all his known or otherwise GLBT patients for evidence of malpractice. Then we have to examine similar claims against other doctors he may have influenced. Younger gays and lesbians often tell things to their doctor that they’d never mention at home. Who knows what a bigot like that would do with such information. If any charges can be proven then Siddiq should be tried as a criminal or an accomplice to deliberate malpractice.

    But those same penalties should also apply to islamophobe and racists. If their comments are shown to have endangered the lives of muslims, Africans, people from the Caribbean (or other English citizens not burdened by melanin deficiency) then they should be made to pay the same price the thugs pay. And that goes double for the anti-GLBT anti-Irish bigots in the DUP.

    We have to track down who they’ve harmed and make them pay.

  8. Abi Chrisopher 4 Nov 2008, 8:52pm

    From the last available data from 2006 shows 61% of people infected with HIV are heterosexual. So the main group spreading the infection is those this so called doctor calls normal. We should be calling for protection from the sexual infection ridden hetro society not the other way around.

    This doctor should consider the motto all doctors live by.


    I have also provided what the law and the NHS says on discrimination.

    Equality Act (Sexual Orientation) Regulations 2007
    These Regulations prohibit discrimination in the provision of goods and services on the grounds of sexual orientation. The legislation means that health providers should provide the same standard of care as that offered to heterosexual patients.

    NHS Plan (2000), principle 3
    The NHS of the 21st century must be responsive to the needs of different groups and individuals within society, and challenge discrimination on the grounds of age, gender, ethnicity, religion, disability and sexuality

  9. john wilfred sharp 5 Nov 2008, 4:28am

    according to the muslim faith and book the coran
    stoning us to death is the prescription
    and better you do not need to be a doctor to administer the sentence.i live in indonesia 70 % men muslims smoke even doctors . they sell you heath they not even understand what is good or bad for ones’ health . islam also want humans to not drink water from sun rise to sunset when we all should know the body need 8 glasses of water thought out the day .they also eat halal food and die in average before us sinners who eat pork and drink, thanks god for that

  10. One wonders what would be the NHS and BMC’s reaction if I said i don’t want to be treated by a Muslim doctor, (or worse still, an *Asian* doctor. The PC brigade would be running around like headless chickens accusing me of racism, islamophobia, inciting racial hatred and upsetting the status quo.

    This man should be sacked. Point blank.

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