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Comment: Forget Obama, in California it’s all about Proposition 8

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  1. this is my “milk” – my “stonewall” – that american revolution for fairness – equality and right to marriage.
    Lets not forget that Civil Partnership is not Marriage and that is what they are fighting for
    But and a BIG BUT – how can you vote against a civil right ?? never heard a situation like this one and of course the religious groups are in charge of this one again !!
    Proposition 8, the world is watching and that is why prop 8 must fail
    This vote on 8 is history if it is yes or no

  2. Abi Chrisopher 4 Nov 2008, 2:49am

    For me this goes down to the first amendment and the separation of church and state ensured in that amendment.

    So a no vote on prop 8 is the only real option for Califonia if they respect the constitution.

  3. Bill Perdue 4 Nov 2008, 4:26am

    The bigotry of the Obama and McCain tickets about same sex marriage is the one single factor that hurts us the most in California, Arizona and Florida, the three states where anti-GLBT initiatives are on the ballot.

    The constant repetition of their superstitious (religious) prejudices about same sex marriage is a green light to bigots to vote against us. When Obama attacked same sex marriage using the phrase “god’s in the mix” he said two things. First that same sex marriage is a sin and secondly that bigotry is sanctioned from “On High”. That excites those whose lifestyles embrace irrational and superstitious views, aka, christians, and if enough of them vote against us we’re toast.

    Of coursei the right and the bigots embrace Obama and use him against us. Why wouldn’t they. It makes perfect sense because he, the Clintons, the bigots at Focus on the Family, Biden, Palin and McCain all agree that we have no right to marry. The fact that Obama supports civil unions, which cements our second class status, and that he’s quite content to let state DOMAs mistreat us just makes matters that much worse.

    Lots of people don’t bother voting and most of those who do enter the voting booth have to hold their noses. They know we’re going to get screwed blue (and not in the good way) no matter who wins the Congress and White House. It’s happened in every election since 1868. Hopefully, if all the hard work of the volunteers in California, Florida and Arizona will pay off a lot of them will reject the outright bigotry of McCain and Obama and vote for their rights as well as ours.

    Win or lose, though, we owe a huge debt of gratitude to the volunteers and to all the local and campus groups and especially to Trade Unions and groups like the NAACP. When it got down and dirty they were there doing the most valuable thing people can do with their lives; fighting injustice.

  4. Marriage between one man and one woman is a traditional part of America’s values and culture. Without it, we’ll lose these. God loves all of His children but does not approve of everything we do. If He did, there’d be no need to live a good, moral life. This whole issue is an issue of morality and values. Protect Marriage = Protecting America. It’s not a civil rights issue, gays already have the same benefits as heterosexuals (see California Law Family Code Section 297.5). If gays are looking for another word to describe their commited partnerships, call it something else and preserve the rights of everyone – and get rid of the hate!


    To find out more on how Prop 8 will impact your world visit

  5. Jim, how’s about you f*cuking off to another site. Do you really think for one second that we give a crap what ANOTHER right wing idiot American thinks? You and your kind over use the word “traditional” to defend your bigotry…. “traditional” does not mean right. Prostitution is more “traditional” than marriage, so I suppose you have no problem with that?

    Now you see what a twit you are using that “traditional” word?

  6. I think Jim the “plumber” is the “little” america – the one that need confettis during political rallies and lots of balloons.
    The little america will for sure always drag america down taking with them Sarah Palin – the one with her bungallow facing Russia.
    That is why little America need flashy adverts on tv to help them decide – mostly cartoons really!!
    No places in europe will ever have a “prop8” on election day and it should never be there ever again.
    Mr Jim the “plumber” sometimes your american politics is leaking from the water tank and not even you can fix it.
    The F word and your poor language is just another sign that Obama needs to put education top of the list – Jim

  7. Jim, you might as well go to a black news website and advocate seperate drinking fountains and seperate ends of the bus. Your “traditional” values have “traditionally” been used to oppress the gay community, and in the absence (and I do mean ABCENCE) of a god that can be found for interview when you need a direct quote from him about how we should live our lives, traditional is simply another word for “bigoted”. And don’t give us “it’s all there in the Bible”, cause so is selling your daughter into slavery and not wearing poly-cotton socks. The Easter Bunny has about as much authority on modern civil rights issues as your Almighty does.

  8. Jim, the only practical way to get rid of the hate is to treat all people as equal, and that means you should vote NO to Prop 8

    VOTE NO TO H8!

  9. Jim is absolutely right! During the feminist movement, women wanted the same rights as men but they didn’t demand to be called men. Basically because you can’t call a woman a man, there is a big physical difference between a man and a woman. The same with heterosexual and homosexual unions. Let gays form unions and have families, that’s fine, but their unions have to be called something else because the true definition of marriage is a union between a man and a woman. The union between two gay people is a partnership.

  10. Perry White 5 Nov 2008, 5:05am

    Thank GOD that YES on Prop. 8 WON.

  11. 9 is demonstrating the kind of deceitful, backwards logic that so easily convinced all the rural yokels that fill america to vote for HATE yet again. It’s sad that after 8 years of disasterous conservatism, and religious corruption run amok, leaving America in tatters that they still havn’t learnt their lesson….

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