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Tory leader attacks BBC as ‘out of touch’ and bloated

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Reader comments

  1. Is he still flogging that dead horse? Ross and Brand both made an error of judgement, both have been suspended for 3 months, they both apologised, one has resigned, heads rolled at the top of Radio 2, case closed. Enough already. What does David Cameron expect to see, Jonathon Ross with a bell round his neck flagelating himself with a birch branch at the door to Broadcasting House while wearing sackcloth and ashes?
    There are far bigger problems out there than one lapse of good taste at the BBC. How about focusing in the state of the economy?

  2. “Out of touch and bloated”

    Presumably, this self-important public schooled mediocrity was looking in the mirror when he said this.

  3. theotherhalf 3 Nov 2008, 2:08pm

    out of touch? Bloated? Yes but not for the reason stated:

    It’s lack of interest in Queer Rights, it’s deliberate misrepresentation of the state of the economy and the political situation in the country…

  4. Abi Chrisopher 3 Nov 2008, 4:38pm

    “Last Christmas BBC Radio 1 was criticised by gay equality organisation Stonewall for its contradictory stance on homophobic language.”

    This christmas Stonewall have nominated transphobic Guardian journalist Julie Bindal for Stonewalls “Journalist of the Year”. So how are they the great moral authority anymore!

    As for the conservative party they are dominated by the religious right. With the next wave of extremist christians about to be elected to parliament come the next election.

    As a victim of the reparative therapy by Philippa Stroud (Right wing evangelical extremist). Who is one of the conservative parties future candidates . Who will stand to be MP for Sutton and Cheam. She also runs the conservative think tank the centre for social justice with Iain Duncan Smith .

    So how long before section 28 is re-introduced and civil partnerships dissolved under a tory government.

    The BBC is not perfect but it’s not as bad as a conservative government would be for the LGBT.

  5. “Last Christmas BBC Radio 1 was criticised by gay equality organisation Stonewall for its contradictory stance on homophobic language.”
    Surely the bigger issue Abi is that this was said LAST christmas and he’s only addressing it now! Funny how the Tory’s only champion the gays when there’s some political mileage in it. Watch us be dropped like a hot potato when the novelty wears off…

  6. The licence fee (Ha! a total misnomer for the BBC Poll Tax) should be scrapped and the BBC should stand on its own merits rather than forcibly leeching off the population.

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