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Commissioner tells ILGA that gays are denied “core human rights”

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Reader comments

  1. David Cade 3 Nov 2013, 3:27pm

    Well said, Thomas Hammarberg!

    There are member nations of the EU which agree in principle to ensuring core human rights are granted to their LGBTI citizens but which have not in practice granted those human rights to their LGBTI citizens. Sadly, Greece is one such member nation. In Greece fleeting gay pecs on the cheek are removed from television programmes, and stations which allow such scenes to be broadcast are fined. The atmosphere is such that LGBTIs in Greece are forced to live in what amounts to an underworld. Equal Marriage is not even on the Greek government’s agenda. And yet billions have been loaned to Greece by the EU to try and save this member nation from financial collapse. Why does the EU not DEMAND that Greece actually DEMONSTRATES its agreement to core human rights principles?

    Read more on this and many other worrying issues in “Athens – The Truth”.