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Celebs raise funds for THT at supper club

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  1. “HIV is the fastest growing serious health condition in the UK and the money raised will go directly towards our vital work supporting people living with, or affected by HIV.”

    …and scant lip service to preventing HIV, which, afterall, THT was established for. Afterall, our funding is now dependent on providing services to those with the virus, and the more people who catch HIV, the more funding we get to fund our bloated organisation and overpaid execs, managers, spin officers, etc. etc. Nevertheless, we are still happy to accept NHS funding for so-called “HIV prevention”, even if our HIV campaigns have double meanings and are designed on the surface to recommend responsible behaviours like condom use and regular STI testing while subliminally advocating hedonistic, reckless sex with multiple partners, and the nastier the better (well worth that investment of public money in those neuro-linguistic programming courses!!). We are now begging for more tax peyer cash to support our campaign against the proposed clampdown on extreme forms of hard core pornography; a measure which would result in the closure of our web site which, of course, is designed to prevent as many HIV infections as possible (NOT!)…blah…blah…

  2. Well said, Paul, and so very true. Indeed, you couldn’t make this stuff up! More fool the ignorant celebs who continue to harbour the delusion that THT is the fashionable and worthy cause it once was. Do they honestly have no idea how the funds they raise for this charity are misspent and squandered on ill-conceived ventures and staff fripperies and indulgences? Scandalous!

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