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Preview: Stephen Fry In America – Mountains And Plains

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Reader comments

  1. “……as his road trip across all 50 States continues…..”
    Not even the great Mr Fry could manage to drive his [modified] London cab to Hawaii!!! He could possibly walk across and have the cab follow on a plane!!! ;-)

  2. Brian Burton 21 Mar 2009, 5:38pm

    Only one comment on our dear lovely, fantabuloso Stephen Fry? I watched and enjoyed his long journy across the U.S.A. I was sorry it had to end too. He must have visited his old friend Hugh Lorrie who is a roaring success with his ‘House’ Tv series in L.A.
    There is Megga Bucks to be made in L.A. but our Stephen dos’nt appear to want to live there, so, good for Stephen! A young British actor, living in L.A. Depicted on Pirce Morgan’s programe.
    It was said this good looking actor had lived in L.A. for three years and had never succeded in getting an acting job. Well, maybe he keeps refusing to sleep with the right Producers.

  3. Absolutely amazing program this was! I enjoyed watching every episode, really makes me want to live over there now. :p

    I’ve heard “through the grapevine” that a five-part series titled “More Fry in America” has been commissioned for BBC Four. Can’t wait! :)

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