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Widdecombe defends constituency against homophobia charge

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  1. Robert, ex-pat Brit 1 Nov 2008, 4:02pm

    What can you expect from a conservative like Widdecombe, typical response.

  2. theotherhalf 1 Nov 2008, 7:05pm

    “We have very high standards of behaviour and beliefs in Maidstone and it is obvious from his comments that he fails to meet them.”

    —yea, he was a poof, that’s not the behavior they like in Maidstone.

  3. The blissfully un-self aware Anne Widdecombe is herself living proof of the idiocy of her own statement.

  4. The real question is why Carr was complaining about homophobic, narrow-minded morons to the Sun.

  5. What can you expect from Robert, ex-pat Brit? Typical response. Leftie socialist that fucks off abroad and then moans about his old country. There are many Conservatives that are pro-gay, and many homophobic Labour people that just keep schtum so as to look like good socialists while they slag everyone off behind their backs.

  6. I lived near Maidstone and I can tell you that Alan Carr is absolutely correct. East Kent is very much like the worst parts of the East End. And there’s good reason for it: East Kent was populated by East Enders decades ago when they fled London for a better life picking hops. My advice to gay people is that they avoid East Kent. Even if you’re not the kind of gay person who is easily detected and sneered at on the street, it’s still not a nice place to be. The population is generally extremely narrow-minded. And, yes, the intolerant supernatural-believing Anne Widdicombe represents that area because she is like the people who live there.

    As for Rob Neal’s slagging-off of Robert Ex-pat Brit: there are not MANY Conservatives who are pro-gay, there are only a few, and even their integrity is to be doubted.

  7. Could the reason for him not being accepted in Maidstone be due to him being a crap comedian.

  8. Actually I have a born-again christian aunt who lives in Maidstone and she certainly runs according to the stereotype. Every Xmas i have to listen to her holding forth on “Those bloody homosexuals are always on the TV” in between ramming the old testament down our throats at every given opportunity.
    One of these family get-togethers I want to introduce her to my Malaysian Muslim boyfriend to see if her head explodes!

  9. Robert, ex-pat Brit 2 Nov 2008, 1:31pm

    Eddy, thanks! When people such as Rob start resorting to name-calling “leftie”….and “f—-” off abroad”, then you know you’ve hit a raw nerve by such desperate accusations. He’d get on well with the right wing radicals of the Palin ilk in the U.S. and the GOP, Grand Old Party of Hate called the republicans. You can bet if David Cameron were anti-gay, he’d still vote for him along with all the others who support him.

  10. Sorry Anne, but Alan is right and his comments apply to most , if not all areas of Kent. Fortunately, there are organisations like Canterbury Pride, Thanet Pride, the NHS and even Kent Police who are doing more than Ms Widdecombe could ever do to help change attitudes and make it safer for everyone. If Ms Widdecombe would like to visit Maidstone on a saturday night, along with her surgicallly attached TV crew, perhaps she can show us the obvious high standards she is so sure of.

  11. Sister Mary Clarence 3 Nov 2008, 12:21am

    Bit confused here, most people would expect the local MP not to defend his/her town when it got slagged off then?

    What do you want her to do? Get up and say, “yep Alan they’re a right bunch of c**ts”. Jesus f**k me Christ. There are good and bad everywhere and I wouldn’t take throw away remarks made by a comedian in the Sun as being anything to rely on too much.

    I bought his video and Kings Lynn or some other Norfolk backwater got a slagging off in it.

    And Rob Neal, Robert, ex-pat Brit’s residency issues have been done to death on here – best to give them a wide birth. Someone will probably mention the tax dodging issue again and any hope of a discussion about the story here will be lost.

  12. Gloria Gay 3 Nov 2008, 3:36am

    Alan Carr is totally correct! Well done to him for speaking out!

    Kent and Maidstone are VERY difficult places for gay people.

    Kent Section 28 anyone?…. This homophobic piece of legislation is still in effect. Kent County Council still maintain a policy in their local education authority that suggests “the institution of marriage be promoted as the best environment to raise a family” Mrs Widdecombe is fully aware and supportive of this policy. Someone from the Queer Youth movement will hopefully come and post some more details of this as they campaigned to have the policy changed from the even more offensive and homophobic “shall not promote homosexuality” or “same sex relationships as a pretend form of marriage” or search on Pink News or Google for it.

  13. I take it Ann will be campaigning for LGBT rights in Maidstone and on Kent County Council then…

  14. Robert, ex-pat Brit 3 Nov 2008, 1:10pm

    SMC, what can anyone expect from a foul-mouthed idiot like you, had to get your little dig in didn’t you, your pettiness is dazzling.

    Gloria, I was born and raised in Folkestone, Kent and experienced some homophobia myself growin up. It hasn’t changed that much. My 22 year old nephew has encountered a bit of it including threats of physical violence. The police did absolutely nothing after reporting it. Folkestone is also a heavily conservative town.

  15. I have lived in Maidstone about 10 years ago , as an out gay man. It was at the time one of the safest places to party in the south east for all. I also worked there and only had one insult for being gay and that was from two lesbians, because they didnt get their own way. Maidstone is and has been in the past quiet cosmo. I now live in East Sussex, and have had five years of abuse, I was told by my local Con, counciller he didnt agree with my life style , to my face, in my own home and then wanted my vote. I came out in the early 80s, got through the hystria re AIDs by the media and the trouble that caused. I really believe now that homophobia is greater now than it has ever be. IN the last 12 years, I have had a friend murdered and another attacked in London in broad daylight. Hospitalised. Some of it I think is perhaps we are asking for too much too soon. I am very active re gay rights, I write and I phone and I complain. But I wonder if we are pushing things through to quickly. I think we need to stand back and let them, the bigots re adjust. It will happen but sometimes you just have to wait. I still think as well that we are fast losing our gay culture through the pushing of issues that dismiss ways of our lives that make us unique. I dont and have never wanted to be a gay man living a straight life style. I want to be a gay man living along side all cultures. Be they straight or gay.

  16. Bill Perdue 3 Nov 2008, 2:56pm

    Because the Tories are only a bit to the left of Mugabe, they’re not likely to ever become pro-GLBT. Their party is run by bigots, for bigots and they’re tightly connected (by a leash) to their Republican masters in the US. Nevertheless the airhead Thatcherites who post at PinkNews pretend that their party has “changed”. The reality is that the same putrescent party that imposed Section 28 1n 1988 still votes against us on every question. They do “change” at election time but only by plastering a fig leaf over the open sore of their intolerance. But fig leaf or not, nothing can hide the stench of bigotry clinging to Tories.

    So when they lose the debates, as they always do, Twisted Sister, Rob Neal and that crowd resort to lies, innuendo and character assassination. In this thread Robert ex-pat is getting the “Tory Treatment” and it in the past it’s been Omar Kuddus for trying to save the lives of Iranian refugees, opponents of police brutality and anyone supportive of first class citizenship via same sex marriage rights.


    The last time Robert was in their gun sights twisted sister called Robert an ‘arms dealer’ and a leader of the “f**king victim brigade”.


    Same old, same old. Tories always lose these arguments on the basis of facts, their own rampant indecency and their inability to come up with new excuses for their bigoted party. Then they have a hissy fit and start tossing mud. They don’t fool anyone but themselves.


  17. Sister Mary Clarence 3 Nov 2008, 5:37pm

    What little dig is that then Robert? I merely advised the other Rob of steering well clear of mentioning you residency status because you get very touchy about it. I made a point of not raising any opinions on it myself.

    Invariably discussion about your residency in the States leads on to discussions about you paying no tax here, and you coming up with fantastically complicated stories of how and why you do, and how this gives you the right to slag us all off as bad homosexuals for accepting civil partnerships.

    I’ve been on here long enough to know that you have never had anything relevant to say, and never will. Your reminiscences all seem to refer back to Britain in the early eighties (although you don’t seem to remember how appalling life was in the late seventies) and bear no resemblance whatsoever to the Britain we live in. You then pack the sh*ts with anyone who takes issue with it.

    You left Britain because you didn’t like it all those years ago. No one has missed you mate – no one at all. No one wants you back.

    With the like of you and Barmy Bolshevik Bill on side, its little wonder gay rights are in reverse over there. Maybe you could direct some of you ‘astute’ and ‘sharp-minded minded (lol) debating skills to improving life over there rather than slagging everything of in this one

  18. Robert, ex-pat Brit 3 Nov 2008, 7:26pm

    There you go again SMC, the little dig is the accusation that I pay NO taxes in the UK which is a fabricated, barefaced lie let alone tantamount to libel if I wanted to pursue it. You can do all the character assassination you want, people see through it. You’ll never drive me off this site and if you think maligning me will win you supporters to alienate me, you’ll have a long wait. I’m not intimidated by your brow-beating foul mouthed rants. Another thing, I’m not your “mate”, don’t ever refer to me in such a manner. You don’t speak for my family or my friends in the UK, or my government for that matter. Until my British passport is rescinded or surrendered at my own volition, I have as much right to come and go as I please in the U.K., business related or otherwise, let alone say what I want.

    You make enough blanket statements about the U.S. a country you’ve never lived in and I suspect, never visited. You know absolutely nothing about America and I’ve never castigated you for making any negative statement or telling you that you have no right to say anything bad about it simply because you don’t live here. Conversely, in your distorted view of democracy, nobody can offer any criticism of the UK unless they live there permanently and are British of course, woe betide any naturalised Brit incurring your wrath. You sound exactly like the right wing neocons in the U.S. who call some of its citizens un-American when they criticise policy or want to make things better for the society.

    FYI, gay rights are not in reverse in the U.S. At least we have three states where we can now marry if we so choose and another waiting for legislation to be voted on. Far more radical than civil partnerships could ever be. You can spin the same old yarn all you want, civil partnerships will NEVER be equal. You hate same-sex marriage so much, then why do you and all the marriage haters take all the rights of that same institution and call it a different name if they’re so equal? Its beyond hypocrisy and the double-standard. If you’re so pro-equality, you should be fighting for those British gay people who want the choice to marry as well as opting for civil partnerships. The truth of the matter is, you and your kind don’t or ever will because you don’t care enough about them. Typical selfish neocon tactic.

  19. Sister Mary Clarence 3 Nov 2008, 8:34pm

    Dah-dah – f**k me, you’d put Paul Daniels to shame. It’s nothing short of magic the way to twist every thread around to the same old stuck f**king record. We wanted civil partnerships. We didn’t want the heterosexual institution of marriage, we wanted something we could claim as our own that was equal. We (in Britain) weren’t so insecure and spineless that we had to mimic everything our straight counterparts did – we wanted an institution in its own right that belonged to us. If you don’t want them, you’re quite at liberty to f**k off to another country that does allow gays to ape straight people – oh, f*ck me sideways, you’ve already f**ked off years ago anyway.

    As you rightly say mate, “You know absolutely nothing about America”. Therefore I make a point of avoiding offering up worthless opinions about life there on American websites. You should try it sometime maybe.

    Apologies for confusing you with the term ‘mate’- it’s a British colloquialism. Maybe you can google it.

    As for your allegation that I have made a dig about you evading tax, I can only suggest you re-read what I have said. I have suggested no such thing. I would say however that the topic does come up quiet a lot on here and I am confused why you feel the need to post comments stating that you are not dodging tax in the UK. Its getting a bit ridiculous now. If is not civil partnerships/marriage, its denials of tax evasion. Has it escaped your notice that no one else is discussing their tax liability on here?

  20. Hmm. “Twisted Sister” is desperately trying to shift the focus off the rabid “Doris Karloff” (As Anne Widecombe was called by her OWN Tory party). The fetid bitch is trying to move to Devon (Thats Doris, not Twisted Sister) where she has already coseyed up to the university’s rabid Evangelical Christian Union, who attempted to break the law last friday by trying to overturn the Student Guild’s equal opportunities policy.

    Still caring tories? Widdecombe’s “Standards” are nothing short of immoral. The law obviously only applies when it can be used to beat the gays down (As the ECU, Anne’s liddle darlings failed to do last Friday).

  21. Bill Perdue 4 Nov 2008, 4:09am

    Only bitterly desperate dimbulbs like twisted sister resort to such dreary scandal mongering. That’s been his sole contribution since he suddenly showed up at PinkNews and began defending critics of the Tories and the Republicans by tediously slinging s**t.

    Why can’t he just face up to it; his ultraright views have no credibility. And they’ll have even less if the Tories win and start f**cking with us again. Its obvious from the comments that twisted sister is a in a tiny minority and no amount of frantic mudslinging is going to change that.

    Going away will.

  22. The so-called “Sister Mary Clarence” is clearly right out of order. A very nasty piece of work. I would advice all correspondents who find themselves being flamed by him/her to simply ignore him/her. Just freeze him/her out. He/she is not worth the time of day. She’s bitter, small-minded, and horrendously provincial and, of course appallingly foul-mouthed.

    Start your own blog-site Robert Ex-pat Brit and maintain control over posts from visitors. Anything of the likes of the sort of thing that SMC posts: just do not allow it to appear.

  23. Hey everyone – can we get through one discussion without an exchange of ad-hominem insults. It just lowers the tone of discussion. Don’t make me come down there and bang your heads together ;)

  24. “And they’ll have even less if the Tories win and start f**cking with us again”

    And why does this matter to you Bill, you’ve never been to the UK. You don’t live in the UK, we’ve already seen you’re some homeless agitator with delusions of an education… You are only interested in your absolutely ridiculous “proletarian uprising”, which will never happen there Billy, 1917 is long gone… like you and your sanity.

    Sister Mary would more sense than you do even with your meds…

  25. few tory hater on here who will happily turn on anyone who doesn’t hold their views.
    just to muddy the water with a few facts:
    Mr ex-pat – i work for hmrc and been listening to the arguments about paying tax in the uk. you have a company here, so your company pays tax. that is not the same as you personally paying tax. i think the chance of you paying tax personal tax here on income earned overseas after many years of living there are as good as nil (this is an opinion of course, so please don’t start slinging libel accusations at me). it would simply not be appropiate for you to do so with the amount of time you spend overseas and for the period you have been outside the uk. i’m out of that specific area now but things haven’t changed that much.
    there is a common misaprehension amongst business owners, particularly small busness owners, that the company money is their money and therefore tax paid by the company is paid by them. it is not and can lead to all sorts of problems.
    in my view therefore your arguments that you pay tax in the uk are probably untrue but it is true to say that you have a company in the uk that does pay tax.
    either way is not the forum for discussing your tax status and perhaps if you move on from it other people will as well.
    to muddy the waters further, bill, the only person who every mentions the republicans on here is you, although you do appear to have trouble disconnecting the two whenever anyone starts talking about the tories. indeed looking back at other recent stories involving the tory party where you and sister mary have laid into each other i can’t find any mention of the republican party except from you.
    and while i’m on a roll, matt, your comments appear to be a bit random, but it seems to be the order of the day on here in all fairness.
    just a few comments on the story itsself taking on board the comments of flapjack, alan carr has made a few mildly inflamatory statement to get a bit of press. telling us he went to maidstone and the audience was a bit staid is hardly headling material, so jazzing it up a bit causes a bit of controversy and stilulates a bit of interest and publicity for him.
    what seems to have been overlooked by everyone of course is the fact that ms widdecombe is standing down at the next election as the caption under the picture says. she is not old by the standards of politics and is there any reason behind why one of the die hard old school tories is leaving office? is it a case of jumped or pushed. possibly ms widdecombe is not feeling quite so at home with the new direction of the tory party and that has prompted and earlier retirement than many of her colleagues.
    either way another tory dinosaur hits the floor.

  26. Bill Perdue 4 Nov 2008, 4:09pm

    Luke demands an answer. “And why does this matter to you Bill, you’ve never been to the UK” he bellows, blustering.

    The struggle for GLBT rights and equality is international or it’s nothing. The legal lynching of Iranians by islamists matters to all of us, as does the upsurge of bigotry and hate crimes against GLBT folks in the EU and the US, both brought on by the hate speech of christer politicians like the Republicans, the Tories, the DUP,
    Akinola and Ratzingers boy rapists.

    I, and most GLBT folks see and embrace the international nature of our struggle. You and your twisted sister are calculatingly blind to it because you want to believe that “The wogs begin at Calais”. We’re not “wogs”, we’re proud GLBT brothers and sisters. And, as even you can see from the comments, the majority of us understand that if we don’t fight together we’ll all hang together.

    Robert, thanks for standing up to these rightwing slanders. No one believes them but the creatures who make them.

  27. Sister Mary Clarence 5 Nov 2008, 12:31am

    I think you’ll find Bill I am one of the ‘wogs’ you are referring to. Although, generally I avoid referring to myself with the use of ethnic slurs.

    Maybe you could too.

  28. theotherhalf 5 Nov 2008, 3:28pm


    who gives a flying about the story eh? Let’s fight the old fights that where never fights in the first f*cking place.

    ‘tory’ and ‘socalist’ mean nothing in a world in which Stonewall sh*t on Trans rights while the Daily Mail want more rights for Trannies?

    What meaning do old distinctions have when Labour’s front bench is full of fundamentalist Christians while the Tory leader attends Civil Partnerships?

    If you don’t live here then don’t tell us how to vote, how to think.

  29. Sister Mary Clarence 5 Nov 2008, 11:05pm

    Guess you were too busy thrusting your pearls of wisdon on us over here to notice Robert that I was right about gay rights being in reverse over there.

    New clause to the California constitution: “Only marriage between a man and a woman is valid or recognised in California.”

    Ballot measures to ban gay marriage also passed in Florida and Arizona

    Maybe you’d like to start taking advice from us over here on how to starting moving the equality agenda on rather than banging on about us being bad homosexuals for ‘accepting’ the equalities offered by civil partnerships.

    Mmmmm, or perhaps not ….

  30. Bill Perdue 6 Nov 2008, 10:25am

    twisted sister wants us forget that the term ‘wog’ is an integral part of the living Tory heritage of racism, islamophobia, homophobia and union busting.

    The ugly fact is that twisted sister makes his living kowtowing to the bigotry of homophobes and racist in the Conservative Party. It’s nauseating to watch. I suspect that the unwanted infliction of his pathetic loser mentality is the primary reason he’s so disliked, but there are so many reasons that I’m amenable to a discussion to rank them.

    My position, until some one proves me wrong, is that his craven toadying is prima facie evidence for the case that homosexual Tories are self loathing appeasers of racism and homophobia.

  31. Sister Mary Clarence 6 Nov 2008, 2:52pm

    dBill YOU seem to have forgotten that ‘wog’ is a derogatory racist term, that to be honest I haven’t heard used since I was a kid in the playground.

    Don’t know why you’ve dredged it up again and I can’t imagine what you mean by the ‘living heritage’ or the Tory party in connection with it.

    With all you Wikipedia education, you will no doubt recall that it was William Wilberforce, the Tory MP, who drove the movement to abolish slavery through parliament. Is that what you’re trying to get at then? It was the Tories I can thank for emancipating my forefathers. Thanks very much for the heads up on that.

    As to you position until someone proves you wrong, it that you’d rather spend all day whining on here about this country while your own goes to rack and ruin. Please tell me why it is that your comments on any of the stories that affect the US are few and far between, whereas these tend to attract most responses from you compatriots? Is it because there are not so tolerant to a complete numpty in their midst and can spot what a transparent idiot you are a mile off?

  32. theotherhalf 6 Nov 2008, 4:18pm

    ‘twisted sister wants us forget that the term ‘wog’ is an integral part of the living Tory heritage of racism, islamophobia, homophobia and union busting.’

    —what a-r-e you on about? Labour defends homophobic Christians and Islamisinsts, Labour has made it illegal for us to voice our discontent with Religiously inclined Hatemongerers, Labour has allowed people advocating the murder of Queers to preach in the UK and tied the hands of the Police who are frightened to arrest them for fear of being themeless charged under Religious Tolerance Laws

    the self same preachers also advocate the murder of Jewish people and are defended by this government.

    This government has attempted to bully public sector workers, Fire Fighters, Post Office workers, Nurses, Teachers and numerous other people into accepting below inflation pay rises and, in some cases, pay cuts.

    this government imprisons people of Asian Extraction in detention Centers without Trial or charge, targets the same group in stop and search laws, treats each and every Asian person in this country as a potential terrorist and blames them for all the ills besetting Britain

    Here then we have a ‘ living LABOUR heritage of racism, islamophobia, homophobia and union busting.’

  33. Bill, your a nut. Plain and simple. Its embarrassing, on so many levels, that you would use a word like “wog”. You seriously are in need of both education and medical help.

    Perdue, you’re a disgrace to humanity, not just gay rights.

    And Robert, if I were you, I’d distance myself from a racist piece of filth like Perdue…. you do nothing for your argument to be supported by uneducated political nuts like him. He’s no better than the religious crackpots we regularly see on this site.

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