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Obama had “no knowledge” his aunt was in US illegally

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Reader comments

  1. I agree completely with David Axelrod, this smacks of a desperate last minute bombshell by the Republican party that they sat on for months to bring out as a trump card with 3 days to go in case things weren’t going their way. I also find myself asking ‘So what, is Obama supposed to police and scrutinise every member of his extended family now?’
    If that’s the most damning thing they’ve got on Obama after all these months, they’re definately scraping the bottom of the barrel in the McCain camp.

  2. Purl Gurl 2 Nov 2008, 2:34am

    All this business about Obama’s aunt is sad. I have compassion for the old gal. She is now suffering humiliation and the blistering light of our mainstream media. This is wrongful.

    Yes, she should have worked on becoming a legal immigrant, but this is difficult. She probably could have become an American citizen had she worked hard at this. I do not know much about our immigration laws, doubtful many of you readers know much about this topic. Correct my thinking on this if I am wrong. I invite this.

    My understanding is this old gal could become a citizen if she has a sponsor. This is, if an American or an American family document they will take her in, take care of her and take all those steps needed to find her employment, income, a place to live, all that, under circumstances like this, I “think” she could become an American citizen.

    I do not know for sure. Again, I am very ignorant of immigration laws. Maybe a reader can clarify and add to this issue.

    There is a cultural perspective worthy of mention. Our traditional peoples, we American Indians, are well known for taking in others in need, those of our bloodline. Not all of us do, but a majority of us do. This is especially true up in the Lakotas where our peoples are the most impoverished peoples of our nation. Not uncommon at all for ten, twenty or more people to be living under one roof. Sioux, Cheyenne, Crow, other tribes in the Lakota region, are well known for taking in those in need, no matter how distant the blood relationship.

    This prompts me to wonder why Obama has not offered to take in his aunt, has not offered to sponsor her or employ some other method of helping her earn citizenship. I am sure there is something Obama can do, some law, some loophole, something he can do to help her.

    Why has Obama not taken steps to help his aunt? He has certainly enjoyed plenty of time. Heck, years back he could have secretly whisked her away, made arrangements for her care. I tend to think not many would criticize Obama for an act of compassion, especially with her being old and at a disadvantage in our country. I do not know, maybe he would be critiqued. Personally, I would not fault Obama for helping his aunt in need; I would turn a blind eye.

    Suppose this a cultural difference. Our peoples, if a distant relative, would have taken her in, right off. Not only taken her in, we would have also hidden her from authorities.

    I suppose Obama is not willing to take a risk in the name of family compassion. Appears Obama is calling for his aunt to be deported back to Kenya. Odds are high, she will die back in Kenya.

    I suppose her life is not as important as the presidency, to Obama.

    Okpulot Taha
    Choctaw Nation

  3. Robert, ex-pat Brit 2 Nov 2008, 1:36pm

    Purl Gurl….as a blood relative, Obama could have sponsored her, so this is nothing more than a desperate attempt to smear Obama before once more right before the election. Typical conservative m.o. Their campaign has been the worst ever, virtually every negative ad has been refuted and debunked. Losers always resort to negativity, foul language, smears and innuendo when they have nothing left to defend themselves. Its done nothing more than lose McCain any chance of being elected, although the airhead Palin hasn’t done much to help his image either.

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