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Gay marriage compared to Nazi Germany as California gets ready to vote

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Reader comments

  1. “The most recent Field Poll found 49% of likely voters oppose Proposition 8 and 44% oppose it, with 7% undecided.”

    Could someone sort out the figures there? Thanks…

  2. Maria – It’s currently losing 49-44.

  3. Robert, ex-pat Brit 1 Nov 2008, 3:49pm

    My gut feeling is proposition 8 will not succeed, hope I’m right.

  4. I’m cautiously optimistic, but then so was Homer right before the universe collapsed on itself.

  5. my feeling is the voters will vote NO – this is the most important gay marriage vote to date – worldwide

  6. theotherhalf 1 Nov 2008, 7:18pm


  7. Abi Chrisopher 2 Nov 2008, 12:02am

    The first amendment of the constitution of the United States divides church from state a yes vote will remove the first amendment and create a theocracy!

    Marriage is not a christian creation and it is not only just a right for heterosexuals.

    Lets hope America turns the corner on the 4th November and that love wins through against hate in California.

  8. Doesn’t really matter, one way or tuther.

    I believe no force exists that can stop two people being together if that is what they want to be. Straight or gay.

    Only my personal opinion mind.

    All the best.


  9. If 8 passes it will be going to the California Courts again. This a constitutional right and it would discrimate. It will be in the California Courts for years.

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